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Learn the Technology of Osaka

If you are interested in the technology and products of Japan and want to touch the art, Osaka is an ideal place, where a lot of manufacturing companies are, to go and see the essence. On the other hand, Osaka has developed very unique culture and raised its original and high-quality art. Feel and enjoy the art of both technology and culture of Osaka.

Instant Ramen Museum

This museum was built to commemorate the invention of Chicken Ramen, the world’s first instant ramen. At the “My Cup Noodle Factory” you can select the broth and ingredients to make your own original instant cup noodle and enjoy with no reservation. In the exhibition is a tiny shed where instant ramen was invented and the production process of cup noodles can be seen.

Asahi Beer Factory

See the Details The first Asahi Beer was produced here and buildings from the earliest period still remain. Guided tours provides a study of beer production lines, waste recycling, and 6000 cans out of the world’s 3500 kinds of beer. After the tour, you can taste fresh beer for free. They also hold a variety of events on their premises throughout the year.

Konosuke Matsushita Museum

Among the exhibits are Panasonic products at the time of its establishment and actual products or so through the period of Japan’s rapid development. There are also corners for renovated tiny workshop in the earliest days, and you can learn the philosophy of Konosuke Matsushita, the founder of Panasonic in a joyful way.

Mitsui Outlet Park Osaka Tsurumi

Stores in this mall offer women’s, men’s and kid’s clothing, sports equipment and outdoor gear at discount prices. Along with the fashion floors, it has a food area with various restaurants. A variety of events and live performances take place on weekends, attracting many shoppers.

Kawamura Gishi

See the Details The world’s biggest-scale manufacturer of artificial limbs. The factory tour includes not only studying the production process, but experiencing a wheelchair, nursing-care equipment, and rehabilitation equipment. In the showroom, more than 900 items are exhibited and you can touch and try everything.


National Bunraku Theatre

Kamigata Comedy and Performing Arts

Shin Kabukiza

Osaka Shochiku-za

Osaka Science Museum

You can learn science through the hands-on exhibit of 200 items with the theme of “Space and Energy” and science shows. There was a big renewal of the booming hands-on facilities in 2008 to be upgraded. The planetarium, whose dome screen is one of the biggest in the world, can display the fine and dynamic images that both children and adults can enjoy.

Yodobashi Camera Umeda

A huge shopping complex with a big electronic shop that sells all kinds of electric devices, CDs, DVDs, games and toys. It also has shops of foreign exchange, men’s, women’s and kid’s clothes, sundry goods, accessories, hats, glasses and underwear, and restaurants including Japanese, Western, Chinese, other ethnic foods, and sweets.

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Learn the Technology of Osaka


I have really been satisfied today. I saw a lot of things such as the time when the world’s famous products were invented and how it was changed, and then scientific exhibit, and so on. It was a unique and enjoyable experience. It is a tour course in which you can buy anything that everybody wants, or, electric appliances, at the last moment of the tour.

Years In Osaka…1

Kwang-Nam Kim

I have been living in Osaka for about one year. It was a first time for me to visit those spots except Yodobashi Camera. This is a tour to travel round the center of Osaka city and the outskirts at a lower cost. You can make your own original cup noodle and take it home at Instant Ramen Museum. The Floating Garden of Umeda Sky Building, as the last spot in this tour, was very beautiful and refreshing.

From…South Korea
Years In Osaka…1

Instant Ramen Museum

I enjoyed the experience of making my own cup noodle there. You have choices like whether you include pork extract or not so you can make one for Muslim people. It was also good that I could design the picture on my own cup.

From Indonesia Dewi Kusrini(30s)

Matcha I was so excited about how cup noodle I had made would taste.

Konosuke Matsushita Museum

I got surprised to know that things like rice cookers and refrigerator were already around 30-40 years ago.

From China Chen Jinxin

Matcha Electrical products and appliances in old days are completely different from ones of today. I want to learn more about them.

Mitsui Outlet Park Osaka Tsurumi

I often visit this shopping mall because there are some brand stores I like. It's a convenient place to purchase things and eat at the same place.

From China Ayaka (20s)

Matcha They sell famous branded goods at cheaper price which I like very much. I love Japanese sundry goods.

Osaka Science Museum

You can learn about many scientific things such as how electricity is made. I recommend this science museum because Vietnam doesn't have such a facility like this. It's recommended especially to young people and families with children.

From Vietnam Hanami(28)

Kwang-Nam Kim Children could enjoy and study science. Science experiment was beautiful and fun.

Yodobashi Camera Umeda

It's a convenient place because it's open until late and we can do shopping and dining at the same place.

From China Luffy(27)

Kwang-Nam Kim They have products of many manufacturers. It is easy to do shopping because of indications in Korean.