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Ocean and History - Southern Osaka

You can fully enjoy the beauty of the sea in southern Osaka. On this tour course, you can experience fishing on a boat and then barbecue the fish you have caught. On the days when they don’t go fishing, you can spend time at Misaki Park, where you can enjoy the view of the blue ocean, and at Rinku Town, which is adjacent to Kansai International Airport, while shopping, having leisure activities, or strolling on the beach. After enjoying the sea, you can go to Kishiwada and see the castle and the museum of the famous Danjiri Festival, and then enjoy the luxurious night view of the big city from a helicopter. There are options in which you can also go to see a huge mausoleum (kofun), or relax at a spa in nature in the mountains.

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Tajiri Ocean Center

See the Details You can experience fishing (gillnetting and basket fishing) on a fishing boat in Osaka Bay, then feast on a barbecue of the fresh fish. At the morning market which is held every Sunday, there are a lot of stalls selling fresh fish, vegetables, tempura, udon noodles, and so on.

Misaki Park

See the Details At this park, which faces Osaka Bay, you can enjoy the beauty of the sea, the sky and the greenery. Different kinds of attractions are offered including dolphin shows, and a swimming pool in summer. There is also a petting zoo where children can touch and hold animals. Views from the Ferris wheel and light house are splendid. On clear days, Kansai International Airport, the Akashi Strait Bridge and Awaji Island can be seen in the distance.

Rinku Town

See the Details In this area, located on the opposite side of Kansai International Airport, there is the Rinku Premium Outlet, a big outlet mall with many outlet shops of famous brands, and also Rinku Pleasure Town Seacle, a large-scale complex facility that contains restaurants, a theme park for children, a big Ferris wheel, and a natural hot spring spa, as well as a shopping mall. Strolling along Rinku Park is also recommended.

You can pick the one you like.

Daisenryo Kofun

See the Details Daisenryo Kofun (attributed-to-Emperor-Nintoku tomb) Daisenryo Kofun is one of the world’s largest tombs, with an entire length of 486m in a keyhole shape. The spot brings the feeling of ancient times of more than 1500 years ago. It’s getting ready to be registered as a World Heritage Site.

Kishiwada Danjiri Kaikan

See the Details This museum, located next to Kishiwada Castle, exhibits the history of the Danjiri Festival, which dates back to the Edo era and is famous for its dynamism. The exhibit includes movies that convey the atmosphere of the festival, as well as large festival drums. You can experience standing on the roof of a danjiri float and playing a danjiri music drum.

Kishiwada Castle

The castle tower, rebuilt in 1954, has a structure with three floors. Inside the tower are the exhibition room and turret chamber, and in the main keep, there is a garden named “garden of eight fields.” On the surface of the stone wall, there are engraved symbols that stand for different daimyo (Japanese feudal lords) and their vassals. See the Details


You can enjoy Japanese meal such as sushi, udon, and kaiseki ryori (tea ceremony dishes) at reasonable prices in a traditional Japanese building, looking at an elegant Japanese garden. You can walk in the garden freely.

Ushitaki Hot Spring

See the Details This hot spring wells up from a stratum of the Cretaceous Period in the mountains. The water is famous for making smooth and beautiful skin. They say it’s the “plumage of hot spring” and a lot of people visit there. There also are camping grounds where you can enjoy barbecuing and camping in rich nature.

Maishima Helicopter Tour

How about experiencing a helicopter flight? Osaka looks totally different when seen from high above, day or night. The flight has five courses to choose. How about finishing off the day with a bit luxurious trip by air? The cost starts at 10,500 yen for up to 3 people for four minutes’ flight.

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Ocean and History - Southern Osaka


You can fully enjoy the sea, while tasting fresh seafood with a view of the ocean and many boats. At Rinku Premium Outlet you can enjoy shopping in a building with the feeling of a resort. You will feel the history and the enthusiasm of the festival at Kishiwada Danjiri Kaikan. You will be able to enjoy the view of Osaka City from a helicopter. It’s a course where you will be able to fully enjoy Japan’s culture and nature.

Years In Osaka…11

Tajiri Ocean Center

I went to the Sunday market. I enjoyed buying fresh foods at reasonable prices. I had a barbecue, too. I felt so good and I would like to visit there again.

From China Momoka (30)

YUAN   XIAOLIN Sounds fun. You can have really fresh seafood.

Kishiwada Danjiri KaikanSee the Details

I was amazed to see the "Danjiri," which is a finely made parade float, near the entrance. I have never seen the real Danjiri Festival but could feel its atmosphere by seeing a movie there. The scenery from the boat was so nice, too.

From China Koka(32)

YUAN   XIAOLIN I could experience a Japanese festival of strong impact and feel the power of the festival..

Kishiwada Castle

I went there when Kishiwada castle was lit up and the castle reflected on the water around it. It was very beautiful.

From UK Trevor in Osaka(42)

YUAN   XIAOLIN It is very wonderful, beautiful, and very Japanese building. It gives us historical feeling.