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In the eastern area of Osaka, there are a lot of places which the whole family can enjoy, such as a fun-filled big amusement park, and well-equipped parks with rich natural surroundings. In the Hirakata area, you can touch the history of water transportation, which flourished in the Edo era. At night, enjoy yourself with options that include entertaining dinner and show, and relaxation in a hot spring spa at Spa World.

Post Town Hirakata Kagiya Museum

An old established inn which had been in business for about 180 years before it was dismantled for repairs in 1998 and then re-opened as a museum. The building has features of tradesmen’s houses of the time about the garden, the roof, and the door, allowing visitors to imagine the atmosphere of the former times when it was busy with people waiting for the Hirakata boats. In the annex, you can learn the history of how Hirakata flourished by boat through audio and visual exhibits.

Minamo Kairo

The city of Hirakata has a history of water transportation, which flourished in the Edo era, and they have designed a park named Minamo Kairo (waterfront corridor) on a part of the canal which stretches to Neyagawa city. On the water in the park is a reproduction of small rice carrier cargo boat used in the Edo period, reminding those who stroll along the waterside of the past.

Osaka Nature Park

See the Details The Osaka Prefectural Nature Parks have 9 different areas in which visitors can enjoy hiking and other recreational activities. Hoshida Enchi features one of the biggest pedestrian suspension bridges in Japan, camping sites, and an artificial rock wall to enjoy wall climbing. Recommended for those who would like to get relaxed in nature.

Hirakata Park

This is one of the well-known amusement parks in The Kansai, featuring more than 40 attractions. The rose garden boosts over 4000 roses of 600 types. It also has a corner where you can mingle with animals. Swimming pools are popular in summer, and in winter there is Snow Land, where you can play in the snow, and go skating. Both children and adults can enjoy all day long.

Umeda Sky Building

The Floating Garden Observatory in this 170m tall skyscraper commands a 360 degree panorama that stretches as far away as the suburbs. The splendid night view is also very popular. The characteristic appearance of the building designed by Hiroshi Hara is really striking. The Takimi Koji alley restaurant mall on the basement floor is a reproduction of a street of Osaka in the early Showa Period.


O Seiryu

A restaurant theater whose gorgeous building design stands out in the neighborhood. Delicious dishes of Japanese and Western cuisine and an entertaining dance performance by OSK will make you forget the time.

Spa World

A complex facility of health and beauty, focusing on hot springs. In addition to a hot spring spa, sauna, pool, gym, and beauty salon, they have accommodation and restaurants. It’s open 24 hours.

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Q’s mall

One of the biggest shopping malls in Osaka. The line-up of shops includes a large supermarket, a large electric shop, a baby product specialty store, a large DIY/lifestyle product shop, fashion stores, restaurants, cafes, and moreover, A big game arcade. Always busy with a lot of people.

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I learned the history of Hirakata Post Town and Kurawanka boats of the Edo era at Post Town Hirakata Kagiya Museum. In Hirakata Park I had a lot of fun, reliving my own childhood. I chose to go to O Seiryu as the last spot of the tour, where you can enjoy a dance show after having luxurious dinner.

Years In Osaka…1

Post Town Hirakata Kagiya Museum

I felt like I was going back to the past in the museum. I learned about the history of post town and boats of Hirakata. There was a replica of an old town, so I could easily understand the history.

From China Koka (32)

LI CHUANG It is worthwhile to see and learn history inside of the building which shows signs of old inn for sailors.

Minamo Kairo

There is a replica of 'Sanjikkoku bune,' a small rice carrier cargo boat in the small, nicely paved park. You can relax and feel calm.

From China Koka (32)

LI CHUANG It is interesting to see traditional Japanese houses and stone monuments on the street from the station.

Hirakata Park

We often visit there because we can always have a relaxing time even with little children. Shows of anime characters are often held and our children like it very much.

From China Ayaka(20s)

LI CHUANG The panoramic view from the Ferris wheel was beautiful and fun.

Umeda Sky Building

It has an open air observation deck, which is rare for skyscrapers, where you can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view. The wind you feel there is very refreshing. It's a must for visitors to Osaka.

From China Tei(20s)

Kwang-Nam Kim
From South Korea (32)
The night view is different from one in Korea. It was exciting and good views beyond expression.