Minami (City South)미나미


See the real Osaka here

The shopping district centering on Namba is known as Minami. It's a charming and lively area where you can visit Dotombori, with its flashy Kanidouraku and Glico signs; Minamisemba and Horie, filled with unique shops and cafes; and Shinsaibashi, home to high-class brand shops and Amerika-mura (American Village), a front-running district in youth culture. There are also many theaters where you can see bunraku and kabuki, both part of the Kansai culture since the Edo period, as well as manzai style comedy. If you want to see the real, undistilled Osaka, be sure to visit Minami.


The birthplace of Kansai's performing arts

When visiting Osaka, you can't miss a performance of local comedy. In the Minami area, manzai and comedic plays are performed daily at the Namba Grand Kagetsu (NGK), the home stage of comedy conglomerate Yoshimoto Kogyo. Other places where you can enjoy Kansai's performing arts in Minami include the Shochiku-za, which stages kabuki, musicals, and commercial plays, and the National Bunraku theatre, that specialises in the traditional puppet theatre.


Dotonbori, home of Cui-daore (eat 'til you drop)

Dotombori is filled with famous restaurants where you can enjoy classic Osaka foods like takoyaki, okonomiyaki, tetchiri (blowfish stew), and udon. Giant sculptures in the shape of crabs or blowfish add to the excitement, helping to immerse you in the buzzing market atmosphere that is a hallmark of this city. South of the bustling Dotombori area is the more old-fashioned Hozenji Yokocho, a traditional shopping street that's reminiscent of Osaka from the olden days.


Why not do some leisurely window shopping?

Horie is a fashionable neighborhood brimming with modern boutiques and classy cafes that are popular among young people. Minami-semba, once the site of many lumber businesses, has transformed into a district of distinctive stores, hair salons, and local designer shops. If you're looking to do some shopping with a difference, be sure to visit Horie as well as Amerika-mura, which is at the cutting edge of youth street culture. Large-scale shopping centers like the beautiful, semi-outdoor Namba Parks and O1O1 NAMBA MARUI are also lively destinations.


Distinctive shopping streets

Another part of Minami's charm is the selection of bustling shopping streets where you can stroll past countless vendors selling unique gifts. The Shinsaibashi-suji Shotengai, running parallel to Midosuji Boulevard, has a long history and about 180 shops, including Daimaru Shinsaibashi. Another must-visit strip is the famous Sennichima Doguyasuji Shopping Street, packed with stores selling all sorts of tools related to food, from cooking utensils like knives, pots, and cutting boards, to dishes, neon signs and paper lanterns. You can also visit Kuromon Ichiba, stocked with fresh foods, and Nippombashi DENDEN Town, an electronics district on par with Tokyo's Akihabara.

난바 야사카 신사

「난바의 야사카한」이라는 별칭을 가진 신사로, 거대한 에마전(絵馬殿)이 눈길을 끈다. 줄다리기 행사는 오사카시 무형민속문화재 제1호.

미나토마치 리버 플레이스

다이나믹한 도시 경관과 강가의 분위기를 즐길 수 있는 복합시설. 도톰보리를 바라보며 걷는 산책로도 색다른 기분.


오픈테라스를 갖춘 세련된 카페나, 오사카에서 시작된 디자이너 샵과 같은 개성적인 점포들이 모여 있는 곳.

밋테라 절

744년 교키 스님이 창건한 나니와의 유명 사찰. 1808년 건립된 본당에서는 제1회 오사카부 의회가 개최되기도 하였다.

나니와탐험크루즈(오사카강 크루즈)

라쿠고(1인 만담)가의 설명을 들으며 오사카의 중심지를 지나는 느긋한 크루즈는 어떻습니까?

도톤보리 코나몬(밀가루음식) 뮤지엄

오사카의 대표적 음식 타코야키를 먹고, 배우고, 즐기며 체험하는 코나몬 푸드(밀가루음식) 뮤지엄이 오픈.

톤보리 리버 크루즈

가이드 승선원을 선두로 도톤보리에 자 출항! 약20분간의 도톤보리 미니 크루징을 오사카 가이드 승선원이 안내한다.