Osaka is a delight for the artistically inclined and curious, with the city brimming with galleries, exhibitions and events. The National Museum of Art, Osaka, the Osaka City Museum of Modern Art and the Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts all hold significant collections and exhibitions worth visiting. For the world’s only permanent collection of woodblock prints, head to the Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum in Namba. For contemporary art lovers with an inclination towards installations and sculptures, ARTCOURT Gallery is the place to be, while passionate photographers can start their adventure at The Third Gallery Aya.

보이만스미술관 소장 브뤼헐의<바벨 탑>전

16세기 저지대 국가 주의자를 대표하는 화가피터르 브뤼헐의 대표작중 하나인 <바벨의 탑>을 24년만에 전시.
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