Osaka is a delight for the artistically inclined and curious, with the city brimming with galleries, exhibitions and events. The National Museum of Art, Osaka, the Osaka City Museum of Modern Art and the Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts all hold significant collections and exhibitions worth visiting. For the world’s only permanent collection of woodblock prints, head to the Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum in Namba. For contemporary art lovers with an inclination towards installations and sculptures, ARTCOURT Gallery is the place to be, while passionate photographers can start their adventure at The Third Gallery Aya.

칸사이 문화의 날

칸사이 2부8현내의 미술관・박물관・자료관 등이 어린이부터 성인까지 입관무료! 예술의 가을을 만끽합시다!
위치는 : 국립국제미술관, 피스 오사카, 오사카시립과학관 외 다수
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11월의 이벤트달력

오사카에서 만날 수 있는 11월의 이벤트를 한눈에 확인하실 수 있습니다.
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