Chapter 1

Theme: "Dashi"

The first theme: "Dashi." Bob is joined by his friend Mayu-chan as they search for "Dashi," said to give the food in Osaka its flavour. The setting? Osaka's Tenma area, a stuff-your-face-till-your-drop food district, and Osaka's leading marketplace. What will they find?

'LEARN' OSAKA with Osaka Manabu!

Mr.Manabu Osaka

UMAMI - the 5th taste sensation

Dashi brings out "umami," the 5th sense of taste after "sweetness," "sourness," "bitterness" and "saltiness." Ikeda Kikunae, a Japanese Scientist, discovered it in 1908. It was verified scientifically after cells that sense Umami were discovered on the tongue in the year 2000, ya know. Recipes that swap other ingredients with the umami from dashi are said to be developed in Japan only. Those would be glutamine acid and inosinic acid. There's many ways to try dashi throughout Japan, but in Osaka we have konbu dashi (stock made with kelp) and katsuo dashi (stock made with bonito flakes.) It's the base, ya know.

*Osaka Manabu*
Staff member at "Cafe de Osaka." Loves Osaka more than anything.

For more "UMAMI" information in English:

【Umami Information Center】

【Location 1&2】
Tajimaya (in cooperation)

A general Izakaya (a Japanese tavern) much loved by the local people in Tenma. Osaka Bob and Mayu-chan encounter "Dashi-maki" here. Enjoy a wide range of flavors for a reasonable price. 2 minutes from JR Tenma Station on foot.

Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi, Kita-ku, Tenmabashi 4-12-5 | 9:00am - 12:00 midnight

Mayu Tsujinami

Food coordinator, chef, non-drinker and goes under the office name Gekuya Shokudo. Working on various food-related activities like "Konawaku," a flour-cooking workshop, cooking for business trips, catering and reporting.


Music by Umineco