Chapter 5

Theme: "Nihonshu"

The second theme: ‘Nihonshu.’ Bob and his good friend and drinking veteran, Tetsu-san explore the world of Nihonshu (or Japanese sake) in Osaka. This time we take a step away from the Osaka city area to a quiet neighboring city in the prefecture called Takatsuki, which also has local brewery… How many drinks can Bob take before he falls over?

'LEARN' OSAKA with Osaka Manabu!

Mr.Manabu Osaka

Nihonshu Breweries in Osaka

Aside from the brewer Bob and Tetsu visited, Kotobuki Shuzo, there are other breweries in Osaka making delicious Nihonshu. I’m gonna show you a few here, so make sure you try ‘em out if you see ‘em in a restaurant somewhere, OK?


A brewery in the far north of Osaka, in a place called Nose where the water and air is very clean.(They don’t have official website, but you can find their label at the link below.)


A brewery in Ikeda, which has a long history of sake brewering. (They don’t have official website, but you can find their label at the link below.)

*Osaka Manabu*
Staff member at "Cafe de Osaka." Loves Osaka more than anything.

For more "UMAMI" information in English:

【Umami Information Center】

【Location 5】
Fukuda Bar (in cooperation)

A very authentic bar offering a wide selection of selected drinks including whiskey, beer, cocktails and nihonshu, of course.

Osaka-fu, Takatsuki-shi, Takatsuki-cho 9-20 | 19:00~12:30

Tetsu Makino

Owner and manager of Nanpurakuten, a restaurant in Takatsuki popular with the locals. World traveller, marathon runner and veteran drinker, Tetsu is always trying to introduce people to the wide selection of drinks he has available.

【Nanpurakuten’s Website】

Music by Umineco