The city of Osaka is supported by water transportation, which has allowed it to develop as an economic and cultural hub.
Life in Osaka has always been connected with its waterfront, which has been like a place of birth for all that Osaka is, and a driving force of development for the city.


Osaka—A city brimming with energy and activity
From the people who inherited the spirit of enterprise from the history of the Aqua Metropolis, a new culture is born.
This is carried forth by the people of Osaka, whose hearts overflow with hospitality.


The waterways of Osaka play a vital role in the Osaka rejuvenation program. In order to carry out the restoration of public places with strict regulations regarding scenery and use, various tests and inspections have been conducted, and the many issues that arise are treated as challenges rather than roadblocks. Key areas of improvement include legal reform, municipal design, the establishment of new public policy, and the hosting of regional conventions.


The greenery and buildings that spread out from the waterways and the lit-up buildings and bridges combine to create Osaka’s own precious natural space and scenery.
Walk along the waterways where people live, work, and enjoy their daily lives, or perhaps travel along them by boat, and you’re sure to find your own way of enjoying Osaka.
Here is an introduction of some unique places.

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