Let's go see the cherry blossoms in Osaka!
The cherry blossom panorama from the river is also a superb sight.

Where shall we go cherry blossom viewing? It's that time of the year to make plans. We'll introduce you to some recommended spots for those of you who want to see beautiful cherry blossoms in Osaka, even in the city center.
Why don't you look for some new delights for a change and make the best of your visit. The beaming visage of Osaka is ready and waiting for you in full bloom.

>>Do not miss!

"Metropolis Osaka River Opening 2013 Spring Boat Cruising Festival" will be held in the Temmabashi district from March 30 (Sat) to April 14 (Sun), when the cherry blossoms will be in flower. Starting with the River Opening ceremony, which marks the beginning of spring, the venue becomes very lively with flea markets and street performances on weekends.
Check out for more details and the schedule below.
http://www.ohanami-festa2013.net/ (Japanese)

Customary, but a must-see every year

The cherry blossom viewing spot which is always mentioned without exception is Osaka Castle Park. In Nishinomaru Garden, there is a specimen tree designated by Osaka District Meteorological Observatory, which indicates the status of the bloom in Osaka district. In addition, other trees such as camellias or Japanese Maples are also designated as specimen trees, making the park rich in greenery.
There are approx. 3000 cherry trees including someiyoshino, hill cherries and satozakura. In the first week of April every year, Nishinomaru Garden is open till late (entry tickets sold till 19:30) and you can enjoy "Cherry Blossom Night Viewing" at night. Why don't you look for your favorite spot in the spacious park?

Next on the list is the Kema Sakuranomiya Park, close by Osaka Castle Park. Although it is usually a tranquil riverside park, street stalls make an appearance around about the time when the trees come to bloom. Approx. 4800 cherry blossom trees flower beautifully along the riverbank over a distance of about 4.2km, making it truly worthy of its name "Ohanami (blossom viewing) Road".

Delights as an Aqua Metropolis

When strolling in Kema Sakuranomiya, you will surely see numerous boats pleasantly sailing up and down the river. If you look closely, it is clear most of them are shallow hulled craft. They are designed like that so as to easily pass under the numerous bridges allowing you to enjoy the cherry blossoms from near the water. How about admiring cherry blossoms with the historic buildings by the river or Osaka Castle in the background, by embarking on an "Ohanami cruise," typical of Aqua Metropolis Osaka.

Don't worry even if you miss out on the full bloom! There is another spot where you can enjoy the late blooming cherries! That is the Mint Bureau, open to the public for a week. The "cherry blossom tunnel" which has been an annual attraction for over 120 years is too famous to even mention; more than 660,000 people (2012) from overseas and all across the country turn up just so they can view the cherry blossoms here.
Along the 560m-long path, about 130 kinds and 350 different cherry blossoms bloom after the someiyoshino since there are a great many double cherry blossoms. Come and visit the Mint Bureau where they bloom beautifully.

Check out details for the Osaka Water Bus, Aqualiner

Check out details for the "Cherry Blossom Tunnel" at the Mint Bureau
http://www.mint.go.jp/enjoy/toorinuke/sakura-osaka.html (Japanese)

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