Catch happiness of this year at Naniwa
“Osaka Seven Deities of Good Fortune Tour”and happiness-inviting“Seven Happiness Tour”

For those who have or have not paid the first visit to shrine or temple, here is your chance to put yourself in the way of lots of good fortune when you tour the Osaka Seven Deities! Good fortune includes wealth, longevity, wisdom, treasures, fortune, virtue, luck, laughter and the bringing on of happiness, etc. With the Seven Deities on your side, you will have nothing to fear this year?!

The “Seven Happiness Tour” is also popular; go around Seven temples and shrines in Osaka to receive Seven virtues and Seven talents, and so may all your wishes come true. We suggest you follow a course of your choice.

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Shitennoji Temple is included in both Osaka Seven Deities Tour and Naniwa Seven Happiness Tour. It is sacred to a mysterious Jizo whose name is Omokaru (heavy-light) Jizo. You say a wish and lift the Jizo statue. If you feel it is light, your wish will come true, while it will not come true yet if it feels heavy. As such, it is a mysterious Jizo to let us know if a wish comes true or not.

Collect shuin stamps for good omen

The Faith for Seven Deities Tour began in the Muromachi era (1336-1573), and enjoyed a boom among the common people in the Edo era (1603-1868). The tradition is still maintained today as a symbol of messenger of fortune such as visualizing a treasure boat in the first dream of the year. Actually you can do the Seven Deities Tour in Osaka, whose origin is written in “Settsu Kikan” vol. 43 (1803) as “the Seven Deities Tour began this year”.

The Seven Deities in Osaka are scattered in the area accessible on foot, taking about four hours to complete. We invite you to spend a half day for the tour and discover a new side of Osaka. You can start from any temple or shrine. Buy a piece of shikishi form on which the shuin from each temple and shrine will be stamped.

【Osaka Seven Deities Tour model course】

Sanko Jinja Shrine (god of longevity and wealth) → Chokyuji Temple (god of virtue and popularity) → Hoanji Temple (god of wisdom and treasure) → Daijobo Temple (god of flexibility and fortune) → Okuninushi Jinja Shrine (god to bring fortune, virtue and good luck) → Imamiyaebisu Jinja Shrine (god of good business) → Shitennoji Temple (god of laughter to bring on happiness)

Seven Happiness Tour in mini-pilgrimage feeling

Mr. Taichi Sakaiya proposed the Naniwa Seven Happiness Tour, hoping that we can overcome the Seven obstacles awaiting all of us in our lives. All the Seven temples and shrines are within a 15-minute walk from the nearest station. The ease of finding a convenient starting point is one of its attractions. Collect shuin stamps on the shikishi form. A certificate is awarded when you collect seven, which you may mail to Shitennoji Temple and have your name posted as an achiever.

【Naniwa Seven Happiness Tour】

Osaka Temmangu Shrine (good academic achievement)
Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine (to ward off evil influences)
Shijonawate Jinja Shrine (reach for your dreams)
Dainembutsuji Temple (skill improvement)
Taiyuji Temple (good health)
Imamiyaebisu Jinja Shrine (good business)
Shitennoji Temple (family protection)

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