The “New Sensation Area ” has been created in one of the largest aquariums in the world “Kaiyukan”!
A new time of excitement is just beginning.

Kaiyukan is popular not only with visitors from outside the area but also with local Osaka residents, attracting lots of repeaters as a fun facility for both families and couples. This spot has been particularly crowded in the Bay Area since it first opened in 1990.

The secret of its popularity lies in several renovations over the past 23 years as well as the display representing the dynamic Pacific Rim in a gigantic water tank.
This renovation for the March 13 opening is the most extensive since this aquarium opened its doors, an appealing “aquarium offering more excitement and sensation”. Please look forward to experiencing the “New Sensation Area” where it will seem as if you were part of the marine world, with a feeling of close and intimate proximity with the marine creatures instead of simply observing them from a distance.

>> Do not miss!

A 12-month pass to enjoy Kaiyukan on limitless occasions (apart from special days) at a special sale price to commemorate the opening of the “New Sensation Area”.
A good chance to purchase this pass at the special price of 4,000 yen (usually 5,000 yen) through April 30. Do not miss this chance!

The display space is greatly expanded! A great experience you will never forget!

A new bridge leading to the newly built area produces a space with the feeling as if ice were floating in the semi-darkness of the passage. Ringed seals welcome you at the end of your enjoyable submarine stroll, showing their cute expressions from the dome-shaped tank on the ceiling. This is the only place in Western Japan where you can meet them!

You can also see hardy creatures living in the harsh subzero environment including clione, sea angels among the floating ice.
There is also a zone to get close to the ringed seals! You can feel the same air in the space with its incomplete acrylic panel dividers. You may be able to observe them relaxing on the ice as well as swimming.

Observe penguins up close, touch sharks and mantas!

An exciting experience is awaiting you in the two zones; The Falkland Islands and the Maldives.
First is the Falkland Islands, a paradise for penguins. The rockhopper penguins lead a busy life in their tank which recreates a rocky reef area with harsh breakers. You can experience their cries and smells up close, at an almost reachable distance. Their active life seems to give us energy!

Next is the Maldives, well known as a resort area amid beautiful seas. About 6 kinds of fish inhabit this tank; Coral catshark, zebra shark, and reticulate whipray, among others. You can directly touch the fish swimming as if crawling on sand. Slimy? Rough? Your excitement will be unlimited at the unexpected new feeling.
We invite you to rediscover the charm of Kaiyukan in the New Sensation Area.


1-1-10 Kaigan-dori, Minato-ku, Osaka City
【Business Hours】10:00~20:00 (Last admission is one hour before closing)
【Admission】Adult (16 and over, High school student): 2,300 yen
Child (7-15, Elementary school and Junior high school student): 1,200 yen
Pre-school child (4-6): 600 yen
※50% discount for holders of physical disability certificate and their caregiver (1 person) by showing the certificate at the ticket counter. Senior (60 and over): 2,000 yen (ID required).