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Osaka Unlimited Pass (One-Day Pass, Two-Day Pass)

The Osaka Unlimited Pass (One-Day Pass) is a sightseeing card that offers unlimited use of trains and buses in Osaka City and neighboring areas, as well as admission to 24 popular sightseeing facilities. Other privileges (discounts, presents, etc.) are also available at 14 sightseeing facilities and approx. 40 restaurants, shops and hotels. Enjoy Osaka and save money on entertainment, eating and shopping with an Unlimited Pass.

Overseas visitors exclusive Two-Day Pass offers unlimited rides for two consecutive days as well as admission to popular sightseeing facilities for two days (limited to one admission per facility). * Two-Day Pass available only for overseas visitors.



Osaka Unlimited Pass One-Day Pass: 2,000 Yen
Osaka Unlimited Pass Two-Day Pass: 2,700 Yen (Available for overseas visitors only)
* Both Passes available for adults only

Where to purchase

1) Travel Agents handling overseas travel such as Korea, Taiwan, etc.
2) Visitors’ Information Center, Osaka City
(Passport presentation required for purchase of Two-Day Pass)
URL Link
Osaka Tourist Guide (OSAKA-INFO) Sightseeing Information Center Web Page
(English: http://www.osaka-info.jp/th/search/list/office.php
3) Major hotels in Osaka City (One-Day Pass only)

One-Day Pass and No-My-Car-Day Pass

The One-Day Pass and No-My-Car-Day Pass are valid for an unlimited number of trips on Osaka's subways, the New Tram, and buses on the day of use, and therefore is very beneficial to tourists, business persons, and shoppers who have to travel around Osaka City over the span of a day. Sightseeing facilities in Osaka City such as Osaka Castle offer admission discounts to holders of the One-Day Pass and No-My-Car-Day Pass on the day of validity.

The No-My-Car-Day Pass is available for use on No My-car Days - the 20th of every month or the following day if the 20th falls on a Sunday or national holiday - and every Friday.



One-Day Pass : 850 Yen for adults/430 Yen for children from 6 to 11
No-My-Car-Day Pass : 600 Yen for adults/no ticket available for children

Where to purchase

You can purchase the One-Day Pass and No-My-Car-Day Pass at a ticket machine, kiosk, and season ticket issuing center of any subway and New Tram station, and at the Information Corner and City Transportation Access Guide.

Rainbow Card (An even more convenient ticket system.)

The Rainbow Card is one of the prepaid cards issued by the Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau, and is valid for travel on the subway, the New Tram, and city buses. The Rainbow Card is good on part of the "Surutto KANSAI" transportation network, including the Hankyu, Hanshin, Kita-Osaka Kyuko, Keihan, Nankai and Kintetsu lines etc. Cards issued by these railway companies will apply to the same transportation services as those of the Rainbow Card. No term of validity is set for the Rainbow Card.



500 Yen, 1,000 Yen, 2,000 Yen, 3,000 Yen and 5,000 Yen for adults
500 Yen and 1,000 Yen for children

Multiple Ride Card

The Multiple Ride Card is a prepaid discount card which is valid for transportation on the subway, New Tram, and city buses. No term of validity is set.



3,000 Yen (good for 3,300 Yen worth of travel) for adults
1,500 Yen (good for 1,650 Yen worth of travel) for children

Kansai Passport

Kansai Passport is special railway travel, combining use of JR, private railways, subways and buses as necessary according to routing, from Kansai International Airport to various tourist destinations in the Kansai area (Nanki, Ise-Shima, Fukui, Kyoto, Shiga, Nara, Kobe). Discounts also available on admission fees to cultural and tourist attractions.


Where to purchase

Kansai International Airport Passenger Terminal Building 1 F or any JR main stations.
Price varies from 6,500 to 15,300 Yen, depending on which type of route you will select.


Kansai Thru Pass


JR West Rail Pass


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