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Osaka City welcomes visitors at one of their five Sightseeing Information Centers. These Centers are located one each at Osaka's four large train stations - Umeda/Osaka Station, Shin-Osaka, Tennoji and Namba - as well at Kansai International Airport (KIX).

There you will find a wide range of maps and pamphlets about all attractions and facilities in Osaka City and there will also be members of staff fluent in foreign languages to answer all your questions and to provide assistance with bookings of accommodation or attractions or with mapping out your adventures in Osaka.

In addition, however, there is a wealth of information available online. All you need to do is access one of the two free Wi-Fi connections available to visitors in the Osaka area: Osaka Free Wi-Fi and Osaka Free Wi-Fi Lite.

Of course you can access these Wi-Fi connections from your laptop, tablet or smartphone. The former connection offers you unlimited internet access while the latter allows you to use the internet four times a day for 15 minutes each (or for one hour in total). For more information on Osaka Free Wi-Fi, please see the Wifi and Rally.

Additional online sources from the Osaka Government Tourism Bureau

Café de Osaka
I addition to, there are a number of other excellent online sources:Café de Osaka is the official Facebook Page of the Osaka Government Tourism Bureau. It contains regularly-updated detailed information on Osaka's recommended sights and spots clustered into the themes of Art, Entertainment, Sport, Culture, Shopping and Dining.
Osaka Bob
You can also join Café de Osaka's local foreign resident, Osaka Bob, as he roams the streets of Osaka with his friends in Osaka Bob's Osaka in 60 seconds, introducing and discovering its charm from the point of view of a foreigner. With his handy video camera, Osaka Bob takes you right into the city's hidden bars and restaurants to give you a sneak peak into the beating heart of Osaka. Ever wanted to know the secret of making the perfect soup stock? Or the finer points of drinking Japan's famed nihonshu? Kick back and enjoy Bob's entertaining video series so you can get the inside scoop.
Enjoy Osaka
Another sightseeing Tourist Guide is Enjoy Osaka, a web site dedicated to guiding you to and around the prime sightseeing locations in the Osaka City area and helping you to make the most of your stay in Japan's second largest city. Information is currently available in English, Chinese, Korean and Thai.
There you can find model courses for half-day, one-day or more-day excursions as well as detailed, downloadable area maps and guides. For example, you might want to explore Osaka's Minami Ward, which is considered downtown Osaka, or the Kita Ward, which is the Umeda area around Osaka Station.
Food Library
From this site you can link to the Osaka Food Library, an excellent online source for everything related to food in Osaka. There you will find information about Osaka's specialty foods and their backgrounds, as well as on where to find the eateries to sample some of the delicious Osaka fare. There is also a dedicated section on sake, the Japanese rice wine, and on Japanese sweets.
Visiting Osaka Audio Guiding System
For visually impaired visitors, or for visitors who prefer information audio rather than visual, there are Osaka introductions given by the Visiting Osaka Audio Guiding System.

Other Non-affiliated Information Sites

For help with information on the ground, you should consider hiring a volunteer guide. You can find a number of available guides in Osaka on the Visit Kansai Volunteer Guides website.

If you are happy to guide yourself by using an app on your smartphone, then the Japan Tourism Agency's Osaka Sightseeing Info app is for you. This is a freely downloadable app.

Finally, for the hottest news on bars, restaurants, events and more, the magazine Kansai Scene is just for English speakers. And it's free for you to pick up at convenient places throughout the city. Find it at tourist information centers (Umeda, Namba), major hotels and guesthouses, select Junkudo and Kinokuniya bookstores and expatriate bars.

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