It is often said that the events in Osaka mark the passage of time through the year like a clock. Regardless of the month people visit, there is always something exciting happening in the big city. Wether it be a seasonal must-see, like cherry blossom viewing, the autumn leaves, or a yearly festival like the Tenjin Matsuri and the various small festivities happening at local shrines and temples, there is plenty to do. Being in a metropolis offers a great chance to see traditional events, but also music, contemporary art, comedy and theatre, sport and a great selection for the family to do together. If you’d like to dig around to see what’s on offer, use the handy search function, or browse the list below.


Spring is Sumo season in Osaka, and one of the six major tournaments held throughout Japan occurs at the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium in March. Film buffs should keep an eye out for the Osaka Asian Film Festival, an excellent collection of films from Japan’s international neighbours. The cherry blossom viewing festivals at the end of March herald the beginning of school and a new fiscal year starting in April: the Japan Mint Bureau’s cherry blossom walk has been running for more than 120 years and is the crown jewel of the area. The weather in May and June bring flowers with them: rose garden viewing opens in Nagai Botanical Gardens, Nakanoshima Park, Utsubo Park and Tsurumi Ryoukuchi Park, and if you’ve had enough of that, Irises await you at the Shirokita Gardens.


The traditional spectacle of O-Taue Shinji (a rice planting ceremony) at Sumiyoshi-taisha Grand Shrine in June has been designated an important intangible folk heritage, and not to be missed if you’re into history and culture. A more lively and fun festival in the same month is the Aizen Festival at Shoman-in Temple, where women clad in summer yukata are paraded on long palanquins to the delight of yearning bachelors. July brings Osaka’s Tenjin Matsuri Festival with it—a mammoth of an event, and one of the biggest in Japan. Deities from the nearby shrine are paraded up and down the river and everyone drinks, eats and has a great time, with the night ending in fireworks.


Over 20 years in existence, Dance Delight, an annual street dance competition, attracts competitors from overseas to the stage to compete for the grand prize. The seasonal moon viewing festivals in September are best viewed at either Osaka Tenmangu and Sumiyoshi-taisha Grand Shrines, where the event have become spectacle. The world Super Junior Tennis Championships are held at the Utsubo Tennis Center in October, and the Osaka Marathon held later the same month, with the course going right through the city past a number of great scenic spots. The Japanese maple trees burst into colour at the end of November, with visitors flocking to Minoh Falls, one of the best places to see them.


Short days and chilly evenings in December would normally have people staying indoors, but in Osaka everyone heads out to see the various Illuminations around the city; a good example being the Osaka Hikari Renaissance Festival which brings light to the Nakanoshima and Midosuji Areas. Everyone heads to their local shrine on January 1st to make their first prayers for the year, some from 12:00 midnight, and trains run all night on new years to ferry people across the city. For something more light hearted, check out the Doya-Doya festival, a unique festival where men clad in only loincloths wrestle to grab banknotes said to bring good luck as they are splashed with cold water. The Plum Blossom Viewing at Osaka Castle Park marks the end of winter.

Event Guide October 2017

What's going on in Osaka this month??
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Bell Ringing on New Year's Eve

Ring the bell on oath of hard work for the new year, looking back on the passing year.
PLACE : Dainembutsuji Temple
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Laughter Ritual

The most unique and heartwarming event "Laughter Ritual" is held on Christmas day at Hiraoka Shrine. Let's laugh for a good start to the New Year!!
PLACE : Hiraoka Shrine
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Kotsuma Pumpkin Festival

An annual festival for protecting against palsy and for staying happy.
PLACE : Ikune Jinja Shrine
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Santa Diver at Osaka Aquarium

The annual santa diving display is on again in the Pacific Tank.
PLACE : Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan
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Osaka Marathon 2017

32,000 runners run through the city of Osaka, divided into seven rainbow theme colors.
PLACE : Start: Osaka Castle Park, Finish: INTEX Osaka
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Special Night Time Autumn Foliage Viewing "Kouyou no Utage"

This Japanese garden in Daisen park is beautifully lit up and opened to the public for special night time autumn foliage viewing. The Japanese garden is light-up with live jazz music. 
PLACE : Daisen Park Japanese Garden
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Ushitakiyama Maple Foliage Festival

Senryo maple in the mountain of Daiitokuji Temple is designated as a natural monument of the city.
PLACE : Ushitakiyama Daiitokuji
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Shinnosai Festival

A festival of the Shrine worshipping the god of medicines. Paper tigers will be given away to ward off evil.
PLACE : Sukunahikona Shrine
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Maple Festival at Aizendo

Maple leaves in the temple enclosure turn to red, adding color to the vermillion of the Main hall, presenting beautiful scenery.
PLACE : Shomanin Aizendo Temple
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Kyuanji Temple Maple Festival

Enjoy the stunning scenery of an ancient temple blanketed in beautiful maple leaves.
PLACE : Kyuanji Temple
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Kansai Culture Day

Admission to museums, galleries and other cultural facilities is free of charge in 10 prefectures of the Kansai region. Why not fully enjoy the best season for art?
PLACE : Participating cultural facilities in Kansai
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Umeda☆Skate Rink "TSURUN TSURUN"

Have a great time under the blue sky or in spectacular illuminations at the center of Osaka!
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Heading to the top of the Japan's tallest building!
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Festival of the lights in OSAKA 2017

The collaboration between Osaka Hikari-Renaissance, Midosuji Illumination and other programs of light put on in various Osaka localities.
PLACE : Nakanoshima Park, Midosuji Street and various places in Osaka
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Terraced Paddy Fields Light-up & Hervest Festival

The one of "Japan's Best 100 Terraced Paddy Fields are light-up with 3000 of candles!
PLACE : Tanada (The terraced paddy fields) and Chihaya-akasaka mura Junior high school
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Maple foliage in Settsukyo Park

The best time to see maple leaves in Settsukyo Park is around the end of November.
PLACE : Settukyo Gorge Park
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Peak of foliage at Ushitakiyama

The combination scenery of the Tahoto pagoda designated as an important national cultural property and the colored autumn leaves is definitely one of sights to see.
PLACE : Ushitakiyama Daiitokuji
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Shitennoji Wasso

Shitennoji-Wasso festival is a modern reenactment of early cultural exchange and trade between Japan and its Asian neighbors.he parade of more than 1,000 people clad in accurate reproductions of ancient costumes, shouting "Wasso! Wasso!" is spectacular.
PLACE : Naniwanomiya Ruin Park
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Special Exhibition of Sakai Cultural Property

You can view precious historical cultural properties including temples, shrines, and town houses not usually open to the public.
PLACE : Nanshuji temple, and more other temples and shrines
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