Japan Mint

Japan Mint

OPEN HOURS9:00/10:00/10:30/13:00/13:30/14:30

An Incorporated Administrative Agency located close to Sakuranomiya Bridge, producing coins as well as conducting operations such as manufacturing of orders (decorations), medals of honor, metallic art objects, etc., analysis and examination of bare metal and minerals, refinement of bare precious metals, and hallmarking of precious metal products. Established in the 4th year of the Meiji Period (1871) as Mint Bureau of the Finance Ministry. At the time, the surplus in gas used to cast coins was used to light the gas lamps within and surrounding the factory, and the brightness of the building said to have attracted many onlookers. This coinage factory, with its western appearance, had revolutionary Western-style equipment. In the 10th year of the Meiji Era (1877), the name was changed to Japan Mint, as it remains today. Advanced reservations required for Mint tour. Also, within the premises is the Mint Museum, plus every year in mid April, many visitors rush to the Mint for the Cherry Blossom Viewing walk-through to view about 350 cherry trees of approximately 130 species in full bloom.

ADDRESS 〒530-0043 1-1-79 Temma, Kita-ku, Osaka City
HOLIDAY Sat., Sun., National holidays, Year-end and New Year holidays, Unscheduled cannot inspect.
TRANSPORTATION 15 min. walk from Sakuranomiya Sta. of the JR Loop Line
TIME REQUIRED an hour and a half
Barrier-free : Roll-in restroom, Wheelchair available
Parking : Appointment necessary
It can restrict and use for a party of tourists.
INQUIRIES TEL : 06-6351-6150 FAX : 06-6351-5414