Shoman-in Aizen-do (Aizen-san)

Shoman-in Aizen-do (Aizen-san)

OPEN HOURS9:00-16:30

A two-minute walk from the Shitennoji Yuhigaoka Station of the subway Tanimachi Line, this temple was built by Shotokutaishi in the first year of the Emperor Suiko Era (593) as Seyakuin (public clinic for the poor), one of four temples built at the same time. Seyakuin was built based on the Buddhist belief; it was a welfare facility that grew and cultivated medicinal plants, and used them to cure the poor. Later, Shotokutaishi preached the Shoman scripture and enshrined the statue of Queen Srimala (Queen Shoman), and from this point on, the temple was called Shoman-in Aizen-do. The temple is also known as Aizen-do, since Aizen-Myoo, the god of good matchmaking and happy marriage, is enshrined in Kondo. Within the premises is Taho-to, a tower rebuilt by Hideyoshi Toyotomi that represents architecture of the Momoyama Period (an important cultural property of Japan), and also, Aizen-no-reisui, spiritual water of Aizen that grants love to those who drink it, which is popular among young women. Aizen Festival, known as one of the three major summer festivals in Osaka, is held every year on June 30th, July 1st and 2nd.

ADDRESS 〒543-0075 5-36 Yuhigaoka-cho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka City
HOLIDAY No holidays
TRANSPORTATION 2~3 min. walk from Shitennojimae-Yuhigaoka Sta. of the Subway Tanimachi Line
Parking : Parking space for 8 cars
INQUIRIES TEL : 06-6779-5800