OPEN HOURSApr. - Sep. 8:30-16:30(- 17:00 on 21st & 22nd in every month, last admission 30 min. before closing time)
Oct. - Mar. 8:30-16:00(-16:30 on 21st & 22nd in every month, last admission 30 mins. before closing time)
*Rokujido Temple 8:30 - 18:00 (8:00- on 21st & 22nd in every month)

The oldest officially administered temple in Japan, Shitennoji was built by Prince Shotoku (574-622 A.D.), the great cultural hero of early Japanese history who at the age of sixteen successfully triumphed over the opposition and brought about the adoption of Buddhism in the country. The battle was between the Soga Clan and the Monobe Clan. The Soga, represented by Prince Shotoku, wanted Japan to adopt Buddhism, a newly arrived, highly developed religion from India via China, and the powerful Monobe were opposed, supporting instead the ancient Japanese religion. The Prince, it was said, achieved his victory by praying to the Four Heavenly Kings, the soldiers of the Buddha. And it was to mark that victory that in 593 A.D. he ordered the construction of Shitennoji Temple. The temple was built not far from Osaka Bay, which played a vital role in trade and traffic. It was a strategic location which enabled a show of Japan's power and prosperity to the world. Despite repeated reconstructions, the layout of the temple compound has remained largely unchanged from the beginning. Shitennoji is the favorite shrine of many Japanese people and is fondly regarded as the Buddhist altar of Osaka. Indicative of the temple's long history are the many annual events held here, including the Doya-Doya, the Shoryoe, and the Shitennoji Wasso.

ADDRESS 〒543-0051 1-11-18 Shitennoji,Tennoji-ku,OsakaCity
HOLIDAY Heaven's Garden: (Temporary closing from May 1 to June 10, 2014.)
TRANSPORTATION 5 min. walk from Shitennoji-Mae-Yuhigaoka Sta. of Tanimachi line (exit No.4)
ADMISSION FEE The main temple building/ Adult: JPY300, College & High school Student: JPY200, Junior high school stundent & under: Free of charge
Treasure House/ Adult: JPY200, College & High school Student: JPY100, Junior high school & under: Free of charge
Parking : Available
INQUIRIES TEL : 06-6771-0066 FAX : 06-6773-4921