When traveling around Osaka, you can choose from a variety of discount tickets, based on your goals and travel styles! Many of them can be purchased abroad in advance from travel agents.

How to use public transportation

Excursion tour type (Ride as many times as you like within a designated time and area) + facility discount coupon set (a set of express train and bus tickets and discount coupons for sightseeing locations)

Osaka Amazing Pass (for Osaka area)

Unlimited use of trains, buses and New Tram in the applicable sections for one full day. You can also enter 35 popular tourist sites including Osaka Castle, and receive discounts at other sightseeing spots, restaurants and shops. Ride around on trains and buses, and have fun, eat, and shop to your heart's content! The more you use this, the more you save, so it's the perfect way to fully enjoy Osaka! Available for adults only. Both one-day and two-day passes are available.

Kansai Thru Pass 2-day/3-day ticket

Convenient and economical 2-day/3-day ticket for traveling in Kansai. It allows you unlimited use of designated public transportation in Kansai. Also special treatment at selected facilities along the railways, made available by showing the pass you have used that day.

Yokoso! Osaka Ticket

This ticket gives a discount when traveling from Kansai International Airport Station into Osaka City, including a one-way ticket for the Nankai Electric Railway "Rapi:t" train to Namba Station (which can also be used one way on a Nankai train other than Rapi:t), and a one-day all-you-can-ride pass for Osaka's subways, new tram, and buses. You can also enjoy Osaka's sightseeing spots at a discount, by showing a ticket that you've used that day for discounts at tourist sites within Osaka City.

One-day ticket Enjoy Eco Card

The Enjoy Eco Card is a one-day all-you-can-ride ticket for Osaka's subways, New Tram, and buses, and also includes discounts for tourist locations within the city. It costs 800 yen for adults (or 600 yen on weekends and holidays), and 300 yen for children.

OSAKA 1day pass

We recommend this for visitors who plan to travel around within the Osaka city center for a full day or more. It allows you unlimited rides on the Osaka subway and buses. Also, by showing a pass that you've used that day, you can get special treatment at special facilities along the railways.

Osaka Kaiyu Ticket

This discount ticket set includes an admission ticket to the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, as well as a one-day all-you-can-ride ticket for Osaka's trains and buses. Thirty tourist locations in the Osaka Bay area offer discounts of up to 50% off.

Multiple Ride Card

The Multiple Ride Card is a prepaid discount card which is valid for transportation on the subway, New Tram, and city buses. No term of validity is set.

Rainbow Card (An even more convenient ticket system)

The Rainbow Card is one of the prepaid cards issued by the Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau, and is valid for travel on the subway, the New Tram, and city buses. The Rainbow Card is good on part of the "Surutto KANSAI" transportation network, including the Hankyu, Hanshin, Kita-Osaka Kyuko, Keihan, Nankai and Kintetsu lines etc. Cards issued by these railway companies will apply to the same transportation services as those of the Rainbow Card. No term of validity is set for the Rainbow Card.


PiTaPa is a convenient multi-function IC payment service card that can be used to pay for train and bus tickets, shopping and food.


ICOCA is a convenient JR-West IC card for JR, Subways, private railways, and buses as well as in the PiTaPa area. You can pass through automated wicket gates without removing the card from its case.


ICOCA & HARUKA is a special set that combines "ICOCA", an IC card that can be used for JR, subways, private railways, buses, and shopping, with a discount ticket for the Kansai International Airport limited express train "Haruka".ICOCA & HARUKA can be purchased only at JR Kansai Airport Station.

JR West Rail Pass

The JR West Rail Pass (Kansai) is a good deal for those who want to travel around Kansai for a full day or more, and is convenient for traveling to Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Himeji, or Nara, etc., via JR. It allows you to ride in the free seating section of the limited express Haruka from Kansai International Airport.

JR West Rail Pass WIDE

The JR West Rail Pass Kansai WIDE is a good deal for those traveling for a full day or more around Kansai and also Okayama, Kurashiki, Kinosaki hot springs, Shirahama hot springs, and other locations via Sanyou bullet train or limited express. It allows you to ride in the free seating section of the Sanyou bullet train and limited express trains.

Kintetsu Rail Pass/Kintetsu Rail Pass WIDE

The Kintetsu Rail Pass is a good deal for those traveling within a wide area around Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, and Nagoya over five days or so.

Hankyu Tourist Pass

The Hankyu Tourist Pass is a good deal for those traveling for a full day or more around the Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto areas.

1day or 2day

Get unlimited rides on all lines of Keihan Railway and Otokoyama Cable Line!! You can also receive special discounts and special gifts at 23 facilities along on Keihan Railway line. Enjoy your trip in Kyoto and Osaka