Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau Official Guidebook

Even the same spots offer different charms depending on the time you visit. Why not search for various charms of Osaka?Enjoy Osaka from morning till night.SightsEnjoy a magnicent view!The evening view from the observatory has been selected as one of Japan’s 100 Best Evening Views, and the night view has been recognized as one of the Japan’s Night View Heritage Sites. This observatory wins popularity among people at home and abroad.A spot with the most superb view in the Kita area, which has different charms during the day and at nightWith the concept of reproduction of the global environment, the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan consists of 14 water tanks, with the Pacic Ocean’s tank located in the center. You can see how marine creatures live in the wild.Come into contact with marine creatures, feeling as if you are under the sea.DAYTIMENIGHTTIMEAt night, you can enjoy a romantic view with neon lights on buildings oating in the night sky. On the roof of the building, the Lumi Sky Walk, resembling the Milky Way, appears on the oor, creating an air of fantasy.The observatory commands a view of natural scenery, including the Yodo River and Mt. Rokko, as well as the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge and other landmarks to the west.If you want to see whale sharks, dolphins and penguins actively swimming and being fed, you are encouraged to visit the aquarium during the day. In a new exhibit area, you can touch rays and sharks.From 5p.m., the sea at night is reproduced, bringing an air of fantasy to the aquarium. You can enjoy a unique view of the ocean, where dolphins, sea lions, and whale sharks sleep.Spectacular viewavailable froma caféImpressive and gorgeousnight view!Umeda Sky Building, Floating Garden Observatory→P24→P24→P31Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan→P33Abeno HarukasHEP FIVEWatch animals!Misaki KoenAmusement ParkOsaka Tennoji Zoo→P30→P52©Osaka Tennoji ZooReposing onthe rocksThere are many high-rise buildings in Osaka. Why not enjoy looking down from one of these buildings?An oasis in the vibrant city. Relieve your mind by watching adorable animals.Check out experience reports!60-second videos available to the public!8

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