Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau Official Guidebook

Enjoy shopping in a different way from usual, buying souvenirs or changing your look!Have an exciting shopping experience in Osaka!ShoppingTry visiting shopping streets!Experience the essence of Osaka.If you want to experience Osaka as a city of merchants, you must visit some its bustling shopping streets. There are many vibrant shops selling daily commodities or goods for professional use.TenjinbashisujiShopping Street→P26→P27Shinsaibashi-sujiShopping StreetKuromon IchibaMarketThe shopping street is lined with specialty stores selling cooking utensils and kitchen items used by restaurants. You can nd all kinds of items, including plates, pans, takoyaki grills, lanterns and signs used to decorate shop fronts, and food samples, all used to support the food culture of Osaka. Why not buy some goods as souvenirs of your trip to Osaka? Wander around specialty stores that support the food culture of OsakaSennichimae DoguyasujiShopping StreetSo amazed to find thatthese are allfood samples!Plenty of goods to seeat restaurants!Perhaps you couldopen a takoyakirestaurant fromtomorrow!?→P29→P2860-second videos available to the public!Check out experience reports!12

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