Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau Official Guidebook

Enter email address then, tap ' conrm '5Check security level then,tap ' agree ' ( 2parts )6It is connencted to internet.Screen will be changed automatically.7Please utilize Osaka Enjoy Rally fully.8 Services!It is available by completing a user registration with e-mail address.Hotel Hankyu InternationalSARASA HOTELFor details, see the ofcial website!Prize winners will receive a direct message through SNS!A direct message will be sent only to winners. (Planned to be sent on June 30, 2017)The following products will be given to winners!Ocial accountOcial accountfor TwitterOcial accountfor InstagramFollow @Osaka_Tabilogfollow @osaka_bobCongratulation!You have won “Prize A”!Woo-hoo!!I’m so happy!Receive a gift unique to Osaka!!1 Post your photo or video with the hashtag #osakatripSelect photos or videos that you have shot in Osaka. Enter your comment and post them after selecting your privacy settings “public”.How big Osaka Castle is! A panoramic view of Osaka City can be seen from the observation deck on the 8th oor of the main tower.#osakatrip2 3 @Osaka_TabilogFrom April 1 to June 30, 2017 @osaka_bob have a chance to get accommodationcoupons and local specialties of Osaka!Win a prize with “#osakatrip”Prize A) Accommodation couponPrize B) Gift voucherHow to participateFollow the ofcial account Follow the ofcial account on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.Information posted with the hashtag “#osakatrip” is available on the special site of the “#osakatrip”!Café de Osaka - Now!Now!21 Osaka with free 『 Osaka Free Wi-Fi』 and A lot of discounts on the which we can use about 4,000 places in Osaka!

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