Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau Official Guidebook

The Tenjin Matsuri Festival is held on July 24 and 25 annually. On July 25 (main festival day), two processions take place: Rikutogyo, a land procession, and Funatogyo, a river procession. In Rikutogyo, shrine parishioners dressed in colorful traditional costumes parade together with the god, and in Funatogyo, a eet of approximately 100 boats sail on the river. The festival reaches its climax with reworks, which explode magnicently in the summer night sky.Japan’s rst museum created exclusively for children. This museum allows kids to see, touch and experience exhibits, and there are several workshop events, such as hands-on craft-building. A nursing room is also available.Built in 949, the shrine is one of the most famous in Japan, known to enshrine Sugawara no Michizane, the god of scholarship. It is fondly referred to by the local community as Tenjin-san.Osaka Temmangu ShrineLet’s enjoythe festival!Known to be the longest shopping street in Japan, the shopping street has a collection of approximately 800 shops and restaurants, including old-fashioned diners, sushi restaurants, a cutlery store with a swordsmith legacy of several generations, and chinaware stores. It takes about 40 【1】Tenjinbashi, Kita Ward 【2】JR Line: Temma or Osakatemmangu Sta.; Subway: Tenjinbashisuji 6-chome, Ogimachi, or Minamimorimachi Sta. Tenjinbashisuji Shopping StreetWi-F i26【1】Ogimachi, Kita Ward 【2】JR Line: Temma Sta.; Subway: Ogimachi Sta. 【3】9:30–17:00 on weekdays; 9:30–19:00 on weekends and holidays (the entrance closes 45 minutes before closing time.) 【4】Mondays (the following day if Monday is a holiday), year-end and New Year holidays, temporary holidays in April, September, and December 【5】Adults: 1,400 yen; Elementary and junior high school students: 800 yen; Preschoolers aged three years or older: 500 yen ☎06-6311-6601【1】Tenjinbashi, Kita Ward 【2】JR Line: Osakatemmangu Sta.; Subway: Minamimorimachi Sta.【3】9:00–17:00 ☎06-6353-0025Kids Plaza OsakaOsaka Kurashi no KonjakukanThe Osaka Museum of Housing and Living【1】Tenjinbashi, Kita Ward 【2】Subway: Tenjinbashisuji 6-chome Sta. 【3】10:00–17:00 (the entrance closes at 16:30.) 【4】Tuesdays (open if Tuesday is a holiday), year-end and New Year holidays. The museum may be closed on other unscheduled days. 【5】600 yen ☎06-6242-1170The museum has faithfully re-created traditional townhouses, using a construction method popular in the 1830s. Visitors can experience what life was like in Osaka in the past, entering tatami rooms and viewing furnishings placed in the rooms. The kimono wearing program is also well-received.E-2E-4E-1E-1~4English, ChineseiEnglishiEnglish, Chinese, KoreanEnglish, Chinese, KoreanEnglish, Chinese, KoreaniEnglish, Chinese, KoreanFeatures the friendly atmosphereof the shitamachi section of the cityWith a shopping street brimming with human kindness, and Osaka Temmangu Shrine famous for the Tenjin Matsuri Festival, this area is lled with vibrancy.OTHERMAP P34・3526

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