Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau Official Guidebook

The temple houses the Tatekake-no-to pagoda and the Kubizuka (tomb of the head) in connection to Kusunoki Masashige. Its Kondo building and principal image are designated as national treasures. There are also many important cultural properties.【1】Teramoto, Kawachinagano City 【2】Nankai bus from Kintetsu or Nankai Kawachinagano Sta. to Kanshinji bus stop 【3】9:00–17:00 ☎0721-62-2134Kanshinji TempleThe ice skating rink is available throughout the year. Visitors can enjoy the cool air even in summer.【1】Takashinohamacho, Takaishi City 【2】Nankai Line: Takashinohama Sta. 【3】9:30–21:00 【4】December 31, January 1 【5】Ice skating rink: High school students or older: 1,330 yen; Children aged four years or older to junior high school students: 890 yen ☎072-268-8351【1】Yamanakadani, Hannan City 【2】JR Line: Yamanakadani Sta. 【3】9:30–16:30 * 9:30–17:00 from June to August 【4】The third Wednesday 【5】Free ☎072-472-1890【1】Konda, Habikino City 【2】Kintetsu Line: Furuichi Sta. 【3】Prayer and sale of shrine items: 9:00–17:00 ☎072-956-0635【1】Ueda, Matsubara City 【2】Kintetsu Line: Kawachi-Matsubara Sta.【3】5:00-19:00 ☎072-331-2138【1】Tadaoka-cho, Semboku County 【2】Nankai Line: Tadaoka Sta. ☎0725-32-3731*【1】Address 【2】Trafc 【3】Hours 【4】Holidays 【5】FeesOsaka Prefectural Rinkai Sports Center【1】Tajiri-cho, Sennan County 【2】Nankai Line: Yoshiminosato Sta. 【3】7:00–17:00 Sunday morning market: 7:00–12:00 Fishing experience: April to November 【4】Tuesdays (open if Tuesday is a holiday) * The Sunday morning market is held on Sundays only (excluding December 30 and 31). Bon holidays, year-end and New Year holidays. The center may be closed on other unscheduled days. 【5】Fees vary depending on the activity. (conrmation required) ☎072-465-0099A center devoted to shery and marine leisure, where visitors can experience shing with professional shermen and buy fresh catch at the morning market held every Sunday (reservation required)Tajiri Ocean Community CenterThe large slide with a dinosaur’s mouth as its landing place is popular among children. The rows of cherry blossom trees in Yamanakadani are a must-see in spring.Wanpaku Okoku (Athletic Field For Children) and YamanakadaniHoused in the shrine are many national treasures and important cultural properties, such as a magnicent portable shrine with inlaid mother-of-pearl, called “Chirijiraden Kondososhinyo.”Konda Hachimangu ShrineThis ancient shrine is said to be the remains of Emperor Hanzei's Tajihi-Shibagaki-no-miya (imperial residence). The Matsubara Six-Shrine Pilgrimage is held from January 1 to 15. Within the grounds of the shrine is a subordinate shrine dedicated to teeth.Shibagaki Jinja ShrineBuilt in supplication for the salvation of the fourteenth-century military commander Kusunoki Masashige, this temple is the site of a juniper tree more than 1,300 years old.Eifukuji TempleOne of the 33 temples of the Saigoku Kannon pilgrimage route. The temple is deemed to have been established by the imperial order of Emperor Shomu. Trellised wisteria owers bloom each spring, lling the temple’s grounds with their sweet smell.Fujiidera TempleThe “Korin-no-Taki” (waterfall of the descent of the gods) in this temple grounds is known as a power spot, since Shokanzeon Bosatsu, the Buddhist deity of mercy, is said to have appeared there.Mizumadera TempleSayamaike Pond is Japan's oldest dam-type reservoir. This museum displays real pieces of the Pond's bank and reconstructed cultural artifacts, and showcases the history of the people, earth, and water, with a focus on Sayamaike Pond.Osaka Prefectural Sayamaike MuseumA long gleaming white beach, with white marble cobblestones. The beach is known for its exquisite sunset scenery.Marble BeachThe slide in the park is one of the largest playground slides in Osaka Prefecture. Visitors can spend a relaxing time on the hill, which commands a ne view of Awaji Island.Eiraku Yumenomori Park【1】Ikejiri Naka, Osakasayama City 【2】Nankai Line: Osakasayamashi Sta. 【3】10:00–17:00 (the entrance closes at 16:30.) 【4】Mondays (the following day if Monday is a holiday), year-end and New Year holidays ☎072-367-8891【1】Rinku-minami-hama, Sennan City 【2】Nankai Line: Okadaura Sta. ☎072-483-8191【1】Kumatori-cho, Sennan County 【2】Nankai Wing Bus from JR Kumatori Sta. to Nariaiguchi bus stop 【3】9:00–17:00 (including the Skateboard Square) * May to August: 9:00–18:00; August 13 to 16: 8:00–18:00 ☎072-452-7676【1】Fujiidera, Fujiidera City 【2】Kintetsu Line: Fujiidera Sta. 【3】8:00–17:00 ☎072-938-0005 (Parking lot: 072-955-0578)【1】Mizuma, Kaizuka City 【2】Mizuma Line: Mizumakannon Sta. 【3】8:00–16:00 ☎072-446-1355Wi-F iEnglish, Chinese, KoreanEnglishiEnglish, Chinese, KoreaniEnglishU-2U-2S-3S-3S-3S-3S-2U-1U-1U-1S-3T-253Kita, NakanoshimaMinamiTennoji, AbenoOsaka-joBay AreaSouthern OsakaNorthern OsakaEastern Osaka

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