Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau Official Guidebook

This museum displays a total of about 400 items connected to Yasunari Kawabata, Japan’s rst Nobel-prize winning writer, including books, letters, manuscripts, sumi writings, photos and ink rubbings.【1】Kamichujo, Ibaraki City 【2】JR Line: Ibaraki Sta.; Hankyu Line: Ibaraki-shi Sta. 【3】9:00–17:00 【4】Tuesdays, days after holidays, year-end and New Year holidays. The museum may be closed on other unscheduled days. 【5】Free ☎072-625-5978【1】Hara to Tsukawaki, Takatsuki City 【2】City bus bound for Tsukawaki from JR Takatsuki Sta. to the last bus stop ☎072-687-9449 (Settsu-kyo Park Management Ofce)Ibaraki Municipal Kawabata Literature HallThis theater is a venue for the Nose jyoruri performance, a traditional art that has been handed down in Nose Town since the Edo Period (1600–1868). A variety of performances, including classical dramas, new dramas, musicals and concerts, are also held at the theater.Jyoruri TheaterA gorge situated downstream from the headwaters of the Akutagawa River, which ows through Takatsuki City. This gorge boasts beautiful natural scenery that changes from season to season, especially cherry blossoms in spring, green leaves in summer, and crimson foliage in autumn. There is also a park and a walking course.This waterway runs through part of Settsu City. With a planted zone and a promenade, the waterway is popular among locals as a place for cycling and walking.Garando Waterway PromenadeThis natural park is located on top of Mt. Myoken in Nose. The park has a cable car and a lift as well as a variety of facilities that families can enjoy, including a barbecue area and a foot bath area. Visitors can fully enjoy the beauty of nature in each season, including cherry blossoms in spring and crimson leaves in autumn.【1】Around Toyono-cho, Toyono County and Kawanishi City, Hyogo Prefecture 【2】Hankyu bus from Nose Dentetsu Myoken-guchi Sta. to Cable-mae bus stop, then Myoken-no- Mori Cable Car from the bus stop to Cable-Sanjo Sta. (cable car service suspended from Mid-December to Mid-March) 【5】Free (fees charged for the use of certain facilities)EnglishiNose Myoken no MoriConstruction of Japan’s rst malt whisky distillery began in 1923 in Yamazaki, a site famed for its crystal clear waters. The Yamazaki Whisky Museum Tour and the Yamazaki Distillery Tour, which allows visitors to enjoy the tasting of unblended malt whisky after observing the whisky production process, are well received. (reservation required for both tours)Suntory Yamazaki Distillery【1】Shimamoto-cho, Mishima County 【2】JR Line: Yamazaki Sta.; Hankyu Line: Oyamazaki Sta. 【3】10:00–16:45 (the entrance closes at 16:30.) * Tour times and other information should be checked on the ofcial website. (tour times vary depending on the season.) 【4】Year-end and New Year holidays, factory holidays (the distillery may be closed on other unscheduled days.) 【5】Free (distillery tour: 1,000 yen) ☎075-962-1423The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen MuseumThis museum introduces an episode about the invention of instant ramen noodles through various displays in a pleasant manner. The My CUPNOODLES Factory (admission fee: 300 yen) is a popular attraction that allows visitors to create their own original cup noodles by selecting their favorite soup and toppings.【1】Masumi-cho, Ikeda City 【2】Hankyu Line: Ikeda Sta. 【3】9:30–16:00 (the entrance closes at 15:30.) 【4】Tuesdays (the following day if Tuesday is a holiday), year-end and New Year holidays 【5】Free ☎072-752-3484【1】Nose-cho, Toyono County 【2】Hankyu bus from Nose Dentetsu Yamashita Sta. to Nose-cho Yakuba-mae bus stop ☎072-734-3241【1】Koroen, Settsu City 【2】JR Line: Senrioka Sta.; Hankyu Line: Settsu-shi Sta.; Osaka Monorail Line: Settsu Sta. ☎06-6383-1111Settsu-kyo GorgeEnglishiEnglish, ChineseEnglish, ChineseiEnglish, ChineseiEnglish, ChineseV-2V-1V-1W-1W-2W-1W-2English55Kita, NakanoshimaMinamiTennoji, AbenoOsaka-joBay AreaSouthern OsakaNorthern OsakaEastern Osaka*【1】Address 【2】Trafc 【3】Hours 【4】Holidays 【5】FeesWi-F i

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