Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau Official Guidebook

“Maido ōki ni!”Hello!the ocial mascot of the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau and a big supporter of Osaka tourism.Follow Osaka Bob on social media to rediscover the appeal of Osaka. Whether you’re interested in the latest trends, seasonal information, eating out, shopping or outdoor activities, you’ll nd plenty of information on all the attractions of Osaka.Osaka Bob,Ocialhome!Ocial siteOsaka BobUpdated daily.Check it out!Osaka Bob sticker for sale on theLINE social media siteOsaka Convention&Tourism Bureau on social mediaCheck out our social media pages for the latest Osaka event and tourist information.é de Osaka大阪なう!Japaneseé de OsakaNow ! Now !Englishé de Osaka就愛玩大阪Traditional Chineseé de OsakaLaLaLaKorean ChineseFor the details,please visit here!I'm60

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