Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau Official Guidebook

Special tickets for a pleasant journeyMany types of convenient and money-saving transportation tickets are available to help you fully enjoy Kansai.Please use the most suitable transportation tickets for your purpose to fully enjoy your stay in Osaka and Kansai.* Some have restrictions on their sales and usage periods, etc. Prices may also be subject to change. Please conrm the conditions of use on the website or by phone prior to purchase.Osaka Kaiyu TicketPrice (Osaka City version)Adults (high school students or older): ¥2,550Children (elementary school students): ¥1,300* No price setting for junior high school students☎ centered on the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan (Child fare is available.)This money-saving ticket combines admission to the Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN with a one-day travel pass that can be used for unlimited rides on subway lines, the New Tram, and city buses. It is sold at more than 30 tourist information centers, all subway and New Tram stations, and other locations mainly in the Osaka Bay area.Price: Adults: ¥800Children: ¥300☎06-6582-1400 pass “Enjoy Eco Card”Unlimited travel on subway lines, the New Tram, and city buses for one day (Child fare is available.)Only on the day that the travel card is used, admission discounts are available at more than 30 tourist and cultural attractions in the city, including the Main Tower of Osaka Castle. Larger discounts apply on weekends and national holidays! Perfect for family outings!Subway: Station ticket machines, commuter pass sales ofces, station storesBus: Inside a bus (Adult tickets only. Due to the limited number of tickets, we request your understanding if tickets sell out), sales ofcesSale locations(¥600 for weekends and national holidays)Price:¥3,000☎06-6441-0106Industrial Affairs Department, Kansai Economic Federation Amazing PassKANSAI ONE PASSOne-day pass: ¥2,500 (Osaka area version)☎06-6282-5907 Around Kansai? Deals and More!"KANSAI ONE PASS" can be used in all areas that ICOCA is accepted. Furthermore, about 200 different locations—including Kansai International Airport stores—offer special deals and gifts to cardholders!A good-value ticket for unlimited rides on Osaka municipal subway lines and buses, and all private railway lines in Osaka area (Hankyu, Hanshin, Keihan, and Kintetsu). The ticket also offers free admission to some 35 amusement facilities, including Osaka Castle and Osaka Tennoji Zoo.Sale locations: Kansai-Airport Sta., major train stations in Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe, etc.Two-day pass: ¥3,300Sale locations: +Transportation PassGuidebookwith coupons(Includes ¥500 deposit. Comes pre-loaded with ¥2,500.)* Money can be added to the card for a maximum balance of ¥20,000.Expansion version in collaboration with individual private railways: ¥2,900 to ¥3,200* Unlimited rides allowed only on municipal subway lines, the New Tram, and city busesAvailable at tourist information centers, all subway stations, major hotels, and other locations in Osaka CityCard design and price may be subject to change.Price: 2day ticket Adults ¥4,000, Children ¥2,0003day ticket Adults ¥5,200, Children ¥2,600☎06-6258-3636Visit the KANSAI THRU PASS website for more information. THRU PASSDay trip to sightseeing spots in Kansai2day & 3day ticketThis is an "unlimited rides" pass for about 40 transportation companies which are members of "Surutto Kansai". Simply presenting the pass on the day it is used entitles the holder to privilege services at about 350 facilities in the Kansai region.For Kyoto:Umeda Sta.(Hankyu)→Hankyu Kawara-machi Sta. (about 45 min.)Yodoyabashi Sta.(Keihan)→Gion-shijo Sta. (about 55 min.)For Kobe:Umeda Sta.(Hankyu)→Kobe Sannomiya Sta. (about 30 min.)Umeda Sta.(Hanshin)→Kobe Sannomiya Sta. (about 30 min.)For Nara:Osaka-Namba Sta.(Kintetsu)→Kintetsu Nara Sta. (about 35 min.)Price: One-way ¥3,300, Return ¥4,600[Haruka service section:Kansai Airport sta. Shin-Osaka sta.]* Includes original ¥2,000 ICOCA card (also includes ¥500 deposit)ICOCA & HARUKAIC card that can be used for almost all railways inJapan starting with KansaiCan only be purchased by short-term foreign travelersCombines an ICOCA IC card, which automatically deducts the fare for the zone used simply by touching the panel at the gate after being charged, with a HARUKA discount ticket that can be used for express trains operating to Kansai-Airport, Tennoji, Shin-Osaka, and Kyoto. As well as on Japan Rail (JR) lines, it can also be used on the subway, other private railway companies, and buses, etc. It is only sold at JR Kansai-Airport station. It can also be reserved on the Internet in advance.Reference: Normal fare (when using "Haruka" second class non-reserved seat for return travel)Kansai-Airport Sta. → Shin-Osaka Sta. (about 50 min.) ¥4,660 + ICOCA ¥2,000 = ¥6,660Kansai-Airport Sta. → Kyoto Sta. (about 75 min.) ¥5,700 + ICOCA ¥2,000 = ¥7,700+ICOCA cardHARUKA ticket*Indicating passport will be required to purchase short-term foreign traveler ticket. *Posted information is current as of September 2016. Prices and other information may change after the publication of this guidebook.©Tezuka Productions64

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