Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau Official Guidebook

Okawa RiverNaniwa-bashiBridgeCenter of Osaka CityDojima-gawa RiverNakanoshimaTosabori-gawa RiverAAAAFGECDDGYodoyabashiPierHachiken-yahama PierDuck Tour Bus StopRiver Port “Hachikenya”Minatomachi PierTazaemon-bashi Bridge PierTour on the Okawa River with a different taste for each season. Visit historical and beauty spots.☎0570-03-5551(Osaka Aqua Bus Ltd.)Osakajo Pier, Hachiken-yahama Pier, Yodoyabashi Pier, OAP PierEnjoy a sightseeing tour on an excursion boat that replicates the Santa Maria used by Columbus, albeit twice the size.☎0570-04-5551(Osaka Aqua Bus Ltd.)The view of Osaka Minami and Dotonbori can be enjoyed from the river. A convenient mini cruise lasting about 20 minutes.☎06-6441-0532(Ipponmatsu Shipping Co., Ltd.)A popular course that allows you to explore Osaka City on a state-of-the-art passenger boat for about 90 minutes, with a witty rakugo storyteller as your guide.☎06-6441-0532(Ipponmatsu Shipping Co., Ltd.)Features Japan’s rst amphibious bus. Enjoy city sightseeing with a river cruise all in one.☎06-6941-0008(Nihon Suiriku Kanko Co., Ltd.)Just like a house on the water! These leisurely cruises have a capacity of up to 10 passengers.☎050-3736-6333Tours are provided in wooden Japanese boats. Visitors are also welcome to try their hand at rowing.☎06-6185-3417(Suito Kanko LLC)ABoardingPlaceKaiyukan Aquarium West WharfBDuck Tour Bus StopRiver Port “Hachikenya”CHachiken-yahama Pier, Minatomachi PierG(Yumesaki route) Universal City Port(Loop route) Minatomachi PierFTazaemon-bashi Bridge PierERose Port Pier, Hachiken-yahama Pier, etc.DBoardingPlaceUniversal City Port / Kaiyukan Aquarium West Wharf Castle / NakanoshimaGreat view of Osaka PortSightseeing in Osaka Cityfrom both land and waterCruise through DotonboriTour around NakanoshimaOsaka City tourNakanoshima to DotonboriAQUA-LINERSanta Maria(reservation required for some tours)Tombori River CruiseNaniwa Exploration Cruise with RakugokaNaniwa Exploration Cruise with RakugokaOsaka Duck Tour(reservation required)Ofune-CamomeCapt. LineJapanese-style boat tours of OsakaCruise to enjoy the waterfrontLook for a cruise around the "Aqua Metropolis"!Mizu-no-Kairo (waterway)Shotoku Taishi reputedly collected wood in the Kizu River to construct Shitennoji Temple. The Okawa River was widened and opened by Emperor Nintoku. The Higashi-Yokobori River was dug as a moat for Osaka Castle. The Dotonbori River was enlarged and opened by merchants in the early Edo Period (about 400 years ago). The resulting rectangular waterway formed by these rivers is a rarely seen anywhere in the world.Edo Period (about 400 years ago). The resulting rectangular waterway Bay areaUniversal StudiosJapan®Osaka Aquarium KaiyukanOsaka PortFBHHTenjin-bashiBridgeNeya-gawaRiverHigashi-Yokobori-gawa RiverKizu-gawa RiverDotonbori-gawa RiverRose PortPierOAP PierOsakajo PierUniversal City PortKaiyukan Aquarium West WharfBoardingPlaceBoardingPlaceBoardingPlaceBoardingPlaceBoardingPlaceBoardingPlace65

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