Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau Official Guidebook

60-second videos available to the public!Check out experience reports!2Special FeatureWhy not experience the hidden charms of Osaka to the fullest?Enjoy Osaka! Try for yourself! Live!EatingKushikatsu is one of the representative dishes of Osaka. It is a simple dish of pieces of meat, seafood or vegetables ied on a wooden skewer. Kushikatsu is usually offered at a reasonable price. Since the sauce is shared by everyone at the counter, be careful not to dip your kushikatsu twice. You can eat as much cabbage as you like at the counter, enjoying its simple avor.Eat kushikatsu at your leisure!Dip a kushikatsudeep intothe sauce!Take a big bite of cabbage,holding it in yourbare hands!Have a drink standing at the counter!Why not try popular dishes of downtown Osaka?If you want to enjoy dishes unique to Osaka, try out some counter-only pubs. There are many such pubs offering kushikatsu, yakitori, oden and various other dishes in Osaka. All the dishes served are inexpensive and tasty. While drinking at the counter rather than sitting at a table, you may unintentionally get into a conversation with the person next to you!6

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