Tourist Information OSAKA

Located Central concourse of JR Osaka Station providing information on Osaka.

Tourist Information NAMBA

Located conveniently for tourists and open every day except year end and New Year, the center is conveniently situated for exploring Osaka.


This center is operated by JTB Western Japan, Corp, and easily accessible from Subway Shinsaibashi station. Baggage Holding & Forwarding Service is available too.


Japan's largest tourist information center with many shops for tourist. Osaka Tourist Information Center is an information center operated by H.I.S.


Located only 20-min distance from the center. Many of brochures and useful information are here.


Located in the International Arrivals Lobby on the 1st floor of the Passenger Terminal Building of Kansai International Airport. Advice to tourists is available in English, and at limited times in Korean and Chinese.

Roadside Station Nose (Kurinosato)

Kurinosato roadside station is well suited for both information gathering when you arrive and buying souvenirs for when you return home.

Minoh Traffic / Tourist Information Center

Minoh has been a sightseeing spot for many people for a very long time. The local streets and Meiji no Mori Minoh Quasai National Park and full of greenery, history and culture.

Daisenkousen Tourist Information Centers

Daisenkousen Tourist Information adjoins the symbolic park Daisenkousen and is also close to the Nintoku Imperial Burial Mound

Roadside Station Chihaya Akasaka

Roadside Station Chihaya Akasaka is focal point for information concerning local travel, and a drivers' oasis in the neighborhood of the birthplace of Kusunoki Masashige

Kawachinagano City Tourist Information Center

You will find the Kawachinagano Tourist Information Center at the bottom of the stairs after leaving the gates at Kawachinagano Station

Sakai Station Tourist Information

The Sakai Station Tourist Information Center is the perfect starting point for sightseeing around the station area.

Tondabayashi Tourist Information

The Tondabayashi Tourist Information Center is along the former highway 170, just outside the gate of Tondabayashi station on the Kintsetsu Nagano Line, approximately 50min from Osaka's City Center.

Kaizuka City Tourist Information 'Idle Kaizuka'/'Kaizuka Brand Shop'

The tourist information facility at the East entrance of Kaizuka Station on the Nankai Main Line moved approximately 30m to it's current location in July 2009.

Roadside Station Chikatsuasukanosato Taishi

Roadside Station Chikatsuasukanosato Taishi is a place for travel information for those en route to Mt. Nijyou.

Izumi City Tourism Information Station

The Tourism Information Station at Izumi-Chuo Station on the Semboku Rapid Railway is connected to the facility within "Road-inn Izumi" in the shopping street in front of Izumifuchu Station on the JR Hanwa Line.

Ikeda City Tourist Information Center

The Ikeda City Tourist Information Center is just outside the Masumicho Exit (South Side), and can be reached after exiting Hankyu Ikeda Station on the Takarazuka Line.