Mie prefecture is located in middle part of Japan. There are mountain which you can go maple-viewing, climbing, skiing,seeing a sawtooth ria coastline is famous for its scenic beauty abound with nature. Also there is one of the greatest amusement facility. In addition there is known as tresure house of a lobster, abalone, an oyster, a blowfish of seafoods. We have been calling 「Miketsukuni」. Also there is famous as Matsuzaka beef with high-class marbled wagyu(Japanese beef). And please don't forget, they have Ise shrine is familiar as Japanese spiritual hometown, and Kumano kodo street which is world heritage. And here is birthplace of Basho Matsuo who is famous haiku poet, and Nobunaga Motoi who is a Japanese classical scholar, also here is the place of origin Iga style Ninja. Mie prefecture has been calling 「Umashikuni」, because of those abundant of nature,historical culture, rejoice in delicious food gathered from the mountains and the sea.

By Kintetsu

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