Wakayama prefecture has clear nature such as, ocean, mountain, and river, So you can enjoy swimming, fishing, canoe, and trekking easily. Also there is "Kumano",and 「Koyasan」whish is original holy ground of religious faith and travel, then you can touch those histories and cultures.Especialy "Koyasan" which is on the top of mountain 900meters is easy to get from Namba about 1hour and half, yet when you get in the place you will feel coming to different world, because of historical buildings and commanding atmosphere. 1200years ago, The holy place of the teachings of esoteric Buddhism was opened by Japanese great teacher named saint koboKukai we recommend you to stay at a guesthouse because you can experience vegetarian diet meal, transcribing a sutra, and Shingon(Sino-Japanese esoteric Buddhism)'s method of meditation of Ajikan. Please come to Wakayama where has full of nature and historical culture.

By Nankai


World heritage in Wakayama

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