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Tsutenkaku Barrier-free


A symbol of Naniwa, also known as the Eiffel Tower of Osaka. On the 5th floor, there is an observatory with a view of Osaka, and statue of Biriken, a god that is said to bring good luck to those who stroke the bottom of its feet.

Tempozan Ferris Wheel Barrier-free Special Discounts for persons with disabilities

BTempozan Ferris Wheel

100 meters in diameter, this world-class ferris wheel will take you on a 15-minute tour of the sky. Its illumination is as beautiful as fireworks.

Miyuki-dori Shopping Street (Korea town) Barrier-free Day care Special Discounts for persons with disabilities Senior Citizen Prices

CMiyuki-dori Shopping Street (Korea town)

Japan’s largest “Korea town,” with a line-up of about 150 Korean food stores, restaurants and clothing stores

National Bunraku Theatre Barrier-free

DNational Bunraku Theatre

A theater where Bunraku, a traditional art of Japan that has been designated as one of the world’s intangible cultural assets, can be enjoyed.

Hozenji Yokocho

EHozenji Yokocho

An area located in the busy district of Minami, but still retaining the tranquil Naniwa atmosphere. Within Yokocho are long-standing Japanese restaurants, bars, okonomi-yaki (Japanese pancake) restaurants and kushi-katsu (skewered and fried meats and vegetables) restaurants.

Tennoji Park Barrier-free Special Discounts for persons with disabilities Senior Citizen Prices

FTennoji Park

One of the best-known parks in Osaka, with much history. There are many must-sees within the park, including a Japanese garden, a kofun (burial mound), an art museum, a water square, a rose arch, etc.

Kids Plaza Osaka Barrier-free Day care

GKids Plaza Osaka

A museum for kids where they can experience many different activities and workshops.

Meiji-no-mori Mino Quasi-national Park (Mino Waterfall) Barrier-free Day care Special Discounts for persons with disabilities Senior Citizen Prices

HMeiji-no-mori Mino Quasi-national Park (Mino Waterfall)

This park is the western starting point of the Tokai Nature Trail. Park visitors can enjoy seasonal changes in the scenery, especially the colored leaves late in fall.

Osaka Castle Park

IOsaka Castle Park

In the park are the Osaka Castle Tower (Osaka Castle Museum), the Nishinomaru Garden, an ume (plum) orchard, the Osaka-jo Hall, and a Japanese archery ground. Seasonal flowers, such as ume, cherry blossoms, and azaleas, can be observed.

Tempozan Harbor Village

JTempozan Harbor Village

Tempozan Harbor Village is a comprehensive leisure spot located in the bay area, which features Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, one of the world’s largest aquariums.