Cheerful and elaborate heart-stirring moments!

There are various events which take place in every season in Osaka.
Solemn rituals supported by long history and tradition.
These energetic events display humorous aspects at certain times.
These events liven up the city, and you are sure to find them delightful.
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OSAKA Compendium of seasonal words



Middle March March Grand Sumo Tournament (Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium )
March 18 - 24 Spring Higan-e Ceremony (Shitennoji Temple)
Late March - Early April Cherry Blossom Viewing (Osaka Castle Nishinomaru Garden, etc.)


Early April - for approx. 3 weeks April Bunraku Performance (National Bunraku Theatre )
Early - Middle April Passage through Japan Mint to View Cherry Blossoms (Japan Mint)
April 13 Rice Planting Ritual (Kumata Shrine)
Middle - Late April Spring Boating Festival (Temmabashi Bridge)
※An event to enjoy spring both on the water and on shore
April 22 Shoryo-e (Shitennoji Temple)
※Dance dedicated to the anniversary of the passing away of Shotoku Taishi
One day between late April- Early May Concert under the Starry Sky (Osaka Castle Nishinomaru Garden)


Late April - Late May Peak time at Rose Gardens (Nagai Botanical Garden , Nakanoshima Park, Utsubo Park, Expo ’90 Commemorative Park Tsurumi Ryokuchi , etc.)
May 1 - 5 Manbu Oneri Ritual (Dainenbutsu ji Temple)
※Recreating the world of paradise, an unique event to celebrate the blessings of faith to the common people
Early May Unoha Ritual (Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine)
※A ritual to commemorate the establishment of Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine
※A solemn festival with a dedicated dance on the stone stage
Early May Midosuji Open Festa (Midosuji Shinsaibashi - Namba)
※Osaka Main Street lined with the famous gingko trees is open to pedestrians
Late May - Early June Peak time for irises (Shirokita Park, etc.)


Early June June Bunraku Appreciation Class (National Bunraku Theatre )
June 14 Rice Planting Ritual (Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine)
※A ritual designated as an Important Intangible Folk-Cultural Property
Middle - End of June Peak of hydrangea blooms (Osaka Prefectural Nature Park Nukata Site, Ikasuri Shrine, Osaka Prefectural Flower Garden , etc.)
Late June - Early July Peak of lotus flowers (Nagai Botanical Garden)
June 30 -July 2 Aizen Festival (Shoman-in Aizen-do)
※This festival serves as the announcement of the arrival of the summer festival season in Osaka


July 7 Heisei OSAKA Legend of the Milky Way (Temmabashi Bridge - Nakanoshima Park)
※LED-powered bulbs in a continuous stream on the Okawa River to resemble the Milky Way
July 11 - 12 Summer festival at Ikukunitama Shrine
※A summer festival at a shrine in the city which pays particular respect to formalities
July 11 - 14 Summer festival at Kumata Shrine
※A dynamic festival with nine floats careering about the city
July 15 - 16 Summer festival at Tamatsukuri Inari Shrine
※Summer festival at Tamatsukuri Inari Shrine
July 18 - 19 Drum Stand Festival (Kanda Shrine, Kaizuka city)
July 24 - 25 Tenjin Matsuri Festival (Osaka Temmangu Shrine )
※One of three major festivals in Japan. The climax is a boat procession of over 100 vessels coming and going on the Okawa River on the evening of the 25th.
July 24 - 25 Daigaku (Ikune Shrine)
※The only daigaku (platform with lanterns) in existence in the city makes an appearance.
Late July - Early August Osaka Castle Summer Festival (Osaka Castle Park)
A Summer Vacation Bunraku Special Performance (National Bunraku Theatre)
July 30 - August 1 Sumiyoshi Festival (Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine)
※A festival to conclude summer festivals in Osaka


Early August A Naniwa Yodogawa River Firework Display (Yodogawa River riverbanks)
Early Augus An All-Nippon Kawachi Ondo Dancing Competition (Yamato River riverbanks, Kashiwara city)
August 8 A court dance under torch light (Shitennoji Temple)
August 11 - 12 Osaka Takigi Noh (Noh drama under torch light) (Ikukunitama Shrine)
August 13 - 16 Urabon-e (Shitennoji Temple)
※A mystical candle light service in honor of ancestors
August 24 Gangara Fire Festival


First Saturday, Sunday Hikohachi Festival (Ikukunitama Shrine)
※A festival dedicated to Hikohachi Yonezawa, one of the pioneers of Kamigata rakugo. A fan appreciation festival put on by the Kamigata rakugo world
※A fun festival for all and sundry including fun outdoor stalls, an open-air stage, etc.
One week in early September Osaka Classic (Midosuji area)
※A classical music event with various sites on Midosuji becoming concert halls
August 15 of the Lunar Calendar Moon viewing event (Osaka Temmangu Shrine, Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine)
The first and second days prior to the third Monday Kishiwada Danjiri Festival (around Kishiwada and Haruki stations on Nankai Railway)
September 20 - 26 Autumnal Higan-e (Shitennoji Temple)


Second Monday Dango Tea Ceremony (Tamatsukuri Shrine)
※Tea party associated with Taiko Hideyoshi
One week in early October World Super Junior Tennis Championship(Utsubo Sports Center)
※The gateway to success for future world champions, bringing together a lot of noteworthy junior players
Early October Midosuji Kappo (Yodoyabashi, Shimbashi)
※Midosuji, the main street of Osaka, is made fully open for pedestrians
Middle October - Middle November Osaka Castle Chrysanthemum Festival (Osaka Castle Park)
Osaka City Chrysanthemum Fair (Tennoji Park)
Late October Aqua Metropolis Osaka Festival (Nakanoshima Park, Hachikenyahama, etc.)
※An event taking place on the waterfront and rivers. Boat and town strolling tours, bazaar, etc.
Osaka Marathon (INTEX Osaka, etc.)


Early November A special viewing of the Important Cultural Properties Sengan Yagura and Tamon Yagura (castle turrets) (Osaka Castle Park)
Early November - for approx. 3 weeks Bunraku performance (National Bunraku Theatre)
November 22 - 23 Shinno Festival (Sukunahikona Shrine)
※Festival of a town famous for medicine bustling with people coming to get themselves a lucky papier-mache tiger
Middle November - Early December Peak time for red autumn maple leaves (Osaka Castle Park, Amanosan Kongoji Temple, Minoh, Settsukyo Gorge Park, etc.)


December 14 Gishi-sai Festival (Kisshoji Temple)
Middle December - for approx. 2 weeks Osaka Hikari-Renaissance (Nakanoshima area)
※The Nakanoshima area seems to be ablaze in an illumination of lights
Middle December - Middle January Midosuji Illumination (Midosuji, Yodoyabashi intersection - Shimbashi intersection approx. 1.9km)
December 25 Sacred Rice-Straw Hawser Hanging Ritual (Hiraoka Shrine, Higashiosaka city )


December 31 - January 1 First Shrine Visits on New Year’s Day (various sites in the city)
※New Year’s Eve Bell tolling at Shitennoji Temple, First Shrine Visits on New Year’s Day at Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine, etc.
January 3 - for approx. 3 weeks New Year Bunraku Performance (National Bunraku Theatre)
January 7 White Horse Shinto Ritual (Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine)
※An old traditional belief which holds that seeing a white horse on New Year’s Day is a sign of good luck, in time became a ritual.
January 9 -11 Ten-day Ebisu (Imamiya Ebisu Shrine, Horikawa Ebisu Shrine)
※One of the festivals representative of Osaka, bustling with people wishing for good business in the year to come
January 14 Doya-doya (Shitennoji Temple)
※A unique festival where young men compete vigorously to lay hold of a talisman
Third Sunday Tug-of-War Ritual (Namba Yasaka Shrine)
※A rope shaped like a large serpent is pulled to forecast the fortune of the year
Last Sunday Osaka Women’s Marathon (Nagai Stadium)
※A great chance to witness the strategies of the world’s leading runners


February 3 Setsubun (Abiko Kannon, various sites in the city)
※Spring starts on February 4 on the calendar in Japan. An event held on the day before for the scattering of beans to ward off evil spirits and attract good fortune. You can meet people in costumes in the shopping quarters of Kita and Minami.
Middle February - Early March Peak of plum blossoms (Osaka Castle Park)
※Osaka Castle Park Plum Orchard is one of the best in the Kansai area. A satisfying visual and olfactory sensation with flowers and scent.