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Sales Locations

1 day pass

2 day pass

Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau

All stationmasters’ offices at Subway/New Tram

commutation pass sale office at subway stations

Information Center,etc(The payment by credit card is accepted at the tourist information center marked with ◎.)

Private Railways

■Hankyu Railway
Infomation counter at Umeda, Juso, Awaji Station or Hankyu tourrist center Osaka・Umeda

■Hanshin Railway
Umeda to Amagasaki,Hanshin Namba Line (Except when staff is absent)

■Keihan Electric Railway
The Station office at Nakanoshima, Yodoyabashi, Temmabashi, Kyobashi

■Kinki Nippon Railway
Osaka namba, Kintetsu Nippombashi, Osaka Uehommachi, Tsuruhashi, Imazato, Osaka Abenobashi, Koboreguchi, Kitatanabe, Imagawa, Yata

■Nankai Railway
Each stations from Namba to Sakai,and from Shiomibashi to Nakamozu (Except some of the stations such as unmanned stops)

Hotels, etc(Hotels with 「★」 offer Osaka Amazing Pass for only hotel guests.)

Shin-Osaka area

Umeda (Osaka Station) area [Kita]

OAP/Osaka Castle area


Namba area [Minami]

Tennoji area

Bay area

USJ area

Out of Osaka City


1 Day and 2 Day

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