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30 Osaka-jo Gozabune Boat 無料 特典

We don’t operate the Osaka-jo Gozabune Boat every 10 minutes but 15 minutes because the one of the three boats is under maintenance.Date 6/2~6/3

The ship decorated with gold leaf reproduces Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s “Hoo Maru”. It cruises around the Osaka Castle inner moat for about 20 minutes.

Free boarding period: Apr 17, 2017-Mar 31, 2018

For 30, other than the above reasons, the service is subjected to change without notice due to river condition, and maintenance of the cruise ship.
Please inquire at the facility for details.
There will be no refund even if you could not use the facility.

10-20 min walk from Tanimachi 4-chome Sta. on all subway lines #1B & #9 exit, Morinomiya Sta. #1 & #3B exit, Osaka Business Park Sta. #2 exit, Temmabashi Sta. #3 exit and Keihan Line Temmabashi Sta.
10am to 5pm (last boat 16:30) *The operation may be cancelled due to bad weather
Dec 28-Jan 3
Special Privileges
Apr 1-16 Adults 200 yen OFF, Children 100 yen OFF