Eastern Osaka


The eastern Osaka area lies at the base of the mountains that stretch from Mt. Ikoma to Mt. Kongo. This area, known as Kawachi, includes such towns at Kadoma, Moriguchi, and Higashi Osaka. Since ancient times, people have been drawn to the region to visit it's many many spiritual attractions. More recently, the area has been the centre of Osaka's manufacturing industry, producing everything from tiny screws to electronics and even man-made satellites. Interestingly, Osakan wine and Kawachi Ondo, the music essential for the Bon Odori performance, also come from this area.


Craftsmanship that does Osaka proud

Many of the home appliances that make daily life easier for people were built here in eastern Osaka. The Konosuke Matsushita Museum has displays about the history of consumer electronics and the manufacturing process. And Creation Core Higashi Osaka will show you the true meaning of world-class small and medium enterprises, with manufacturers of everything from bolt nuts and robots, to nanotechnology and satellites.

A view of Osaka from the Ikoma-Kongo mountain range

This range of mountains runs from Ikoma to Kongo, protecting Osaka City like a castle wall. Offering activities such as hiking, woodland walks, camping and bird watching, this area known as Osaka Prefectural Nature Parks is the perfect place for getting out into nature. Each season presents a different palette of vibrant colors, with cherry blossoms, hydrangeas, fresh grasses, flowers and red autumn leaves. From near the summit, you can see not only the Osaka Plain, but also Kansai International Airport, Awaji Island, and even as far as neighboring Kobe.


The country's largest wood plank suspension bridge footpath

Known as the Hoshi no Buranko ("Star Swing"), this wood plank suspension bridge footpath is the largest of its kind in the country. Experience the thrill of walking 50 meters up in the air. There are many hiking courses within the park where you can also enjoy bird watching in the forest. The popular rock climbing wall attracts visitors from all around.


Popular prayer spots

Jigenji Temple also known as Nozaki Kannon, as mentioned in the rakugo story Nozaki Mairi and bunraku play Osome Hisamatsu Chushin Monogatari is a prosperous temple, and has been attracting countless believers for 300 years. Ishikiri-Tsurugiya Shrine, associated with the god of healing tumors, is still famous for curing sickness. Jokoji Temple, known as the birthplace of Kawachi Ondo music with its refrain of Enyakorasee dokkoise, is well-known for the lively traditional dance procession that it holds each summer.


Kawachi Wine

The mountainsides around Kashiwara are decorated with vineyards growing a variety of grapes including the unique Japanese variety Muscat Bailey A. The vineyards are even open to those wanting to experience harvesting grapes themselves. The majority of visitors here come for the wine, however. The wineries here have a history of over 90 years and aim to create a unique flavor that suits the Japanese climate. At Katashimo Winery and Kawachi Wine Museum (in Habikino City), you can view the manufacturing process and try a taste.


It is the only place in Osaka that offers you a chance to produce "Japanese paper" from raw materials to make postcards, table mats or tapestries.

Hatamono Shrine

The birthplace of Tanabata(the star festival) The Shrine that deified Amanotanabata Himeokami(Vega for the star festival ).

Ishikiri Shrine Approach

There are signs for fortune teller, restaurants, Chinese medicine pharmacy and super markets  on about 1km approach from the station to the shrine.

Yao Prism Hall

Hall that citizen can enjoy first-class dance, music, theater, traditional arts.


New and old of takoyaki pan and other unique display. Rediscover the joy of making things at "Yume Kobo" that has made by a zealous pesident.

Shiba Ryotaro Memorial Museum

Memorial to convey the spirit of the writer Shiba Ryotaro. Study where he was writing and two million copies of the books are on display.

Osaka Prefectural Central Library

A library which owns the most collection of books in Osaka.  Intellectual space for everyone.

Hanazono Rugby Stadium

Longing rugby playground for rugby players which made many famouse games

Takaida Yokoana Park

You can visit the park that the ancient tomb was built by digging the tumulus and bed rocks. There is also a historical museum.

Shishikutsuji Temple

Great view from the grounds. There is a megalithic and caves. The principle image of this temple is a national treasure・Yakushinyoraizo.

Iwafune shrine(Katano city)

Powerful and divinity huge rock of the boat "Amenoiwafune" of the boat. The Rocks Tour makes you purify your mind and body.

Taiseishogunji Temple

About 5 min walk from JR Yao station, Ancient temple is located in the historic battlefield of Mononobe no Moriya and Prince Shotoku.

Kyuhoji Ryokuchi

Enjoy botanical observation,strolling, sports and more at spacious green areas.

Yamada Ike Park

Outdoor lovers and nature lovers are welcome here! Hirakata Hakkei "moon of Yamada Pond" is the world of ethereal shining on the surface of the water is reflected.

Hiraoka Park

Enjoy the nature of four seasons such as plums and cherry blossoms. Playground equipments for children are also popular.

Ikoma Sanjyo Amusement Park

Amusement park that young and old can enjoy while overlooking the Osaka plain field

Tamagushi River

Enjoy the cherry blossoms in the home of Kawachi Ondo. 4 km subsequent row of cherry blossom trees is one of 100 selections of the Osaka Green.

Zannen Ishi Of Osaka Castle's

It was chosen to be as a stone for Osaka castle's wall but it wasn't used for that.

Hoshida Myoukengu

The birthplace of the star festival legend, Katano City. At shrine that prays for stars are falling from the sky, there is full of ornamental bamboo grass on July 7th.

Keihan Moriguchi Department Store

Be loved by locals for the place to go for obtaining everyday goods in an all in one location, base conveniently on the Keihan line links to Kyoto from Osaka.