In the Kansai area, Osaka is known as a city of “kuidaore,” which translates literally as “eat till you drop.” It’s no joke either; the locals spend all their money on food and drink. This has made Osaka into a metropolis where the variety of restaurants, and other various eating and drinking establishments is astounding. Osaka offers everything! Join the locals for ‘kushi-katsu’ (deep fried skewers) in a downtown ‘tachinomi’ (standing bar) and spend only the change in your pocket, or get a table and try well-known dishes like okonomi-yaki (a type of savory pancake full of cabbage) and yaki-soba (fried noodles). Those wishing to experience the true culinary magic of Japanese food will also find Osaka a delight, where upper-end dining experiences can be found at various “Kappou” restaurants around the city.

“Kappou” takes the traditional “kaiseki” style dining, and brings it to the counter top of the restaurant. The locals here don’t like the stiff atmosphere of formal dining, preferring to have their meal while they chat to the chef as he prepares their next dish. “Washoku”, or traditional Japanese cuisine was added to UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage list at the end of 2013, and the various dishes offered in a Kappou course will help the yet inexperience see exactly why this came to be. Dishes always contain fresh, local and seasonal ingredients with a fine balance of fish, meat and vegetables; the “suimono” (a clear broth soup) is made with Japanese “dashi” or soup stock, a base ingredient in almost all Japanese foods and pride of chefs in Osaka, where dashi culture is abundant. The following “Hassun” dish is laden with a multitude of little mouthwatering delicacies, which is eventually followed by a “main” dish of meat (“Washoku” is not all fish!).

Restaurants like Kappou Kubota offer this exact same course experience for a price that won’t break your bank.

Dashi brings out “umami,” the 5th sense of taste after “sweetness,” “sourness,” “bitterness” and “saltiness.” There are plenty of tasty dashi foods in Osaka. “Udon” noodles would be a standard, different from the strong, dark Tokyo udon. Osaka’s udon noodles are light in flavor. The soft water brings out the flavor of the kelp, so you only need a little soy sauce to enjoy your meal; “light,” doesn’t mean, “light in flavor.” Tasters will find a rich aroma and taste. Those interested in sampling some really delicious dashi should check out the following shops: Matsubayamimiu and Doutombori. For a basic introduction to “Dashi”, you can also follow Osaka Bob as he takes you through the backstreets of Osaka to find the secret of this deliciousness.

Osaka Botejyu Main shop

Namba-based long-established restaurant has been offering "genuine Okonomiyaki".

MA Nabeya Osaka

We have variety of hot pot menu ready to please all generations of customers.

Osaka Yakata-bune(house-boat)

Osaka Yakata-bune(house-boat) is a boat on which you can enjoy a banquet while seeing a river view of the aqua metropolis Osaka on board.

Rotating Sushi CHOJIRO

A rotating sushi restaurant with fish-live box.

Flamingo the Arusha

The space with 9m high-ceiled gives an open feeling and a warm nostalgic atmosphere.


A Spanish bar like a hiding place where you can enjoy cruising.

Nakanoshima LOVE CENTRAL

Please enjoy the food as well as the well-prepared service and the open air atmosphere by the river.

Chinese Cuisine Kinfukurai

The food cooked by chef who brushed up the cooking skill in various restaurants is exquisite.

MJB Coffee Shop

The specialty of this traditional coffee shop is "Seven-colored Coffee," a series of seven different blends served according to the day of the week.

TIKAL by Cacao en Masse

This chocolate shop was opened by BROADHURST'S, a popular patisserie in Tamatsukuri. Its chocolates, displayed like jewels at the shop front, are so beautiful that you might even hesitate to eat it.

Kitahama Retro Building

Indulge yourself in the British-style afternoon tea at this nostalgic building registered as a tangible cultural property of Japan. The tearoom window offers you a view of the Rose Garden of Nakanoshima Park.

cafe soto (ex-Soto dining)

Situated in a verdant place, this isolated house cafe makes you feel as if you were in the woods. It attracts you with its relaxing atmosphere, making you wish you could stay there forever.


As being a stand-up eatery, Ikinari!STEAK attracts lines of customers with its tasty authentic steak served at a reasonable price!


You can eat about 30 different types of delicious sweets as much as you want! There is also an all-you-can-eat buffet for light meals such as pastas, curries, salads and soups! Enjoy the buffet on your birthday and other parties as well!


Semba-Hisaya is a Japanese-style bar which offers dishes with carefully selected healthy ingredients. Enjoy its orthodox Japanese cuisine at reasonable prices in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere!


In the heart of "Korea Town," you can enjoy orthodox Korean cuisine and high-quality charcoal grilled meat!

Daiki Suisan Kaitenzushi, Doutonbori

This restaurant of "kaitenzushi (sushi-go-round)" is a directly managed store of a seafood company committed to freshness. Fresh Bluefin tuna is cut and sliced in the open kitchen every day, so that customers can enjoy the best quality sushi made with freshly-prepared ingredients. A wide variety of take-out sushi is also available.

Ajibil Minami

You can enjoy Osaka's special "fugu" blowfish dishes, as well as "gyu-shabu" hot pot of thinly sliced beef and vegetables, in a quality atmosphere but at reasonable prices.

Ek Chuah Karahori Kura Honten

Ek Chuah is a specialty shop of chocolate which continuously offers new surprises and tasty experiences to customers, with its wide range of unique original chocolate created with well-established Callebaut couverture from Belgium.


Fresh sardines, swimming vigorously in the restaurant's fish-tank, are prepared into many different dishes.

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