Sakai City, Senboku Area


Just south of Osaka City is the Sakai/Senboku area. This region, known for its ancient ruins and burial mounds, has long been a point of commerce between Japan, Europe and China. Indeed, some of history's most famous characters - Emperor Nintoku, Nobunaga Oda, Sen no Rikyu, Francis Xavier, and Akiko Yosano - all once stood on this land gazing out at sea.



The port city of Sakai has been a trade point for Japan ever since the Kamakura period. Guns, handicrafts, foodstuffs, and countless other goods were imported here from countries such as Portugal and China. This profound sense of history can be experienced in many of the area's sights. The Nanshuji Temple is home to the tearoom retreat and grave of Sen no Rikyu, the famous founder of the Japanese Tea Ceremony. At Sakai Risho No Mori (Sakai Plaza of Rikyu and Akiko), you can experience the tea-ceremony where could be felt Sen no Rikyu hospitality and it has exhibition about the life of romantic poet Akiko Yosano. You can also get a feeling for the region's history by visiting a gunsmithery or Xavier Park.


A town full of museums

Another recommended feature of Sakai is the town's many museums. At the Sakai City Traditional Crafts Museum, you can see masterpiece blades displayed along with explanations of their history and how they were made.There are traditional industry in Sakai city such as kelp, incense, light cotton kimonos (both plain and dyed).And at the Conpeito Petit Museum, you can make your own "conpeito", otherwise known as Western confectionary.


Larger-than-life burial mounds and ruins

Daisenryo kofun (Emperor Nintoku's tomb) is a keyhole-shaped mound with a total area of 464,123 square meters, which makes it the biggest in the world. You can get a feel for it's epic size from the Sakai City Hall Observatory Lobby at 21-floor. In another record-breaking sight, Japan's largest set of village ruins from the Yayoi period was excavated at the Historic Park of Ikegami-Stone Ruins. Next to it in the Osaka Prefectural Museum of Yayoi Culture, you can see displays of pottery unearthed there as well as reproductions of Yayoi pit dwellings, which give you a glimpse into the daily life of the time.


Enjoy the seaside

Hamadera Park, which is home to a pine forest of 5,500 trees, an ocean swimming area, a pool and a rose garden, is packed with fun for the whole family. The trolley running from Osaka City to the park is a wonderful way to experience Osaka from days gone by. And every year on July 31st, the 700-year-old Sakai Ouo yoichi event, which features a fish auction, is held at Ohama Park. At the former Sakai Port nearby, you can also see the formerly Sakai Lighthouse, which is the oldest wooden lighthouse in existence in Japan.

Lion Corporation Osaka Factory

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Rikyu's favorite Tea room in Nanshuji Tenple in Sakai city

Izumianashi Shrine

It is said that it was built in the seventh century and it's one of the Izumi gosha shrines.  You can see a lot of wild birds and insects at Izumianashi Shrine. And it was selected as one of 100 selections of the Osaka Green.

Konpeitou Sakai Museum

Let's make Konpeitou that is a southeast asian candy looks like a shiny jewelry

Eifukuji Temple

The temple has a long history with a Chinese juniper. And it pray to the Buddha for the hero of Northern and Southern Dynastie,Mr Kusunoki Masashige.

The Ruins Of Sen no Rikyu's House

From Totoya's(wealthy merchant of fish market) eldest son to the best master of tea ceremony. Walk the master os tea ceremony Rikyu's hometown who lived a tumultuous life.

Monument Of Yosano Akiko's Birthmark

Yosano Akiko who was born in Sakai city also is a representative of modern poem. Let's think about her life such as birth?marriage? and 23 years that took until she moved up to Tokyo.

Old Gun Smith Estate

Sakai was flourished in gun manufacturing in Warring States Period. Mansion of gun blacksmith inouesekiuemon tell the time appearance.

Funatoike Park

It was chosen 100 selections of the Osaka Green. It's amazing to see these trees, flowers, birds and especially irises.

Tea Ceremony Room in Sakai City Shinan, Oubaian

Let's enjoy tea at Sen no Rikyu's (tea master) hometown. Take a break at a tea ceremony room of sukiya style that was designed by a master-hand of Meiji period Ogi Rodo.

Bicycle Museum Cycle Center

The original museum which you can see, learn, touch, and ride. There is full of charm of bicycle in japan and world.

Makino Mountain Sefuku Temple

One of the best dangerous spot in Saigoku 33 places of sacred places. Old temple which is located at Makino mountain that Gyoki Bosatsu and Kobo-daishi had a training there.

Matsuo Temple

Enno Gyoja opened here, and Taicho saint built various halls. Ancient temple which has many highlights such as important cultural property Jihou, main temple, and precincts.

Sakurai Shrine

It is called "Niwadani's yahata" and "Wari Haiden"tells profoundness of architecture in the early Kamakura period.

Hochigai Shrine

Old shrine that extends over Settsu, Kawachi and Izumi. Visit here to pray for new construction,moving, a trip, and also to protect you from a misfoutune because of the different direction.

Sakai City Museum

Collection・conservation・display of documents which is related to history,fine arts,archeology, and folklore in Sakai.

Izumiotsu Municipal Textiles And Knitting Museum

You can touch traditional industry, history,and culture in Izumiotsu city through textiles and knitting.

Shirasagi Park Hanashobu Garden

Iris which is Sakai City's flowers are about 200 kinds, and 10,000 roots. White,purple,red... Colorful flowers bloom beautifully in a rainy season of cloudy sky.


Spacecraft that landed in Osaka? Children and adults can enjoy at BIG BANG(Jidokan) that is full of director Leiji Matsumoto's dream.

Tourist Farm  Nanrakuen

Amanatsu, strawberry,potatos, and grapes...There is seasonal ripening, barbecue, and outdoor obstacle course.