Osaka Castle,Tsurumiryoukuchi


In this area you can enjoy historical sites such as Osaka Castle (associated with Hideyoshi Toyotomi), the Osaka Museum of History and the ruins of Naniwa Palace. You may also want to see the newer buildings of the OBP (Osaka Business Park) to the east of the castle and the old downtown atmosphere of the shopping streets in Kyobashi.


Osaka Castle, the greatest symbol of Osaka

In 1997, thanks to major renovations, Osaka Castle was reborn into the splendid structure it was during Hideyoshi Toyotomi's time. There are displays of precious historic materials and important cultural properties in the castle tower, which is now a history museum that uses images and dioramas to both teach and entertain. The 360 degree view from the 8th floor observation room is also amazing. Allow yourself to slip into a pensive mood and feel the weight of the castle's history as you see the turrets from the Tokugawa period and the gigantic stones in the wall that bring to mind how difficult it must have been to build it.


The plum and cherry blossoms and autumn leaves that Hideyoshi Toyotomi enjoyed

Of all the floral-viewing areas in Osaka, this is probably the most famous. Kema Sakuranomiya Park is the best place for viewing cherry blossoms in the spring. Saying that, the trees at the mint, the area surrounding the OAP (Osaka Amenity Park) and Osaka Castle are also unforgettable. You can enjoy flowers year-round in Osaka Castle Park, from the plum trees to the cherry blossoms in Nishinomaru Garden. And if you want to see the blossoms through the eyes of Hideyoshi, try taking in the magnificent spring sights while gliding down the river on the Aqua Bus Aqua-liner.


From OBP to Tsurumi-Ryokuchi, in search of greenery

OBP (Osaka Business Park) is a business district right beside tree-filled Osaka Castle Park. But OBP isn't just a long line of business buildings. There are also major hotels and a great variety of other facilities there: Izumi Hall, which holds classical concerts; Ion Cosmetics Theater BRAVA! where you can see the latest plays; and Osaka-Jo Hall, well known for its events and concerts with big-name celebrities. If you travel a bit along the Nagahori Tsurumi-Ryokuchi Line, you'll come to Tsurumiryokuchi Expo'90 Commemorative Park, famous for its international flower and greenery exhibitions. On the 126-hectare grounds, you can see Sakuya Konohana Kan, one of the biggest nature conservancies in Japan, and the Osaka Prefecture Environment Learning Center Eco Museum of Osaka, which has an international garden. There's also an area with a pool where you can enjoy playing in nature.


Naniwa Palace Ruins and the Osaka Museum of History

South of Osaka Castle, the remains of Naniwa-no-Miya Palace lie on the highest part of the Uemachi Plateau. Naniwa Palace, estimated to have been finished in the year 652, is the oldest standard continental palace ruin in Japan. It burned down in 686 during the Temmu era because of a fire that broke out in the imperial treasury, and the ruins from that time still remain as well. It is believed that the later Naniwa Palace was rebuilt during the reign of Emperor Shomu in the Nara period, and all of these ruins are maintained as a historic landmark. To learn more about these 1,400 years of history, visit the Osaka Museum of History, which has hands-on learning events and life-sized replicas and dummies.


European-style building that is the beauty of modern architecture and elegance. Glorious lawns and lush gardens spread on the site of about 100 tsubo.(a unit of floor space that is about 3300 square meters) its sophisticated and the one and only space reviving now.

Fujita Mansion Site Park

Osaka City designated cultural property. This is an old mansion of Fujita Denzaburo who was a patriarch of Osaka's economy. Currently, there is a Fujita museum ,mayor's office and Taikoen.


The last land of Hosokawa Garasha.


NHK OSAKA HALL with NHK BK plaza and Osaka history museum nearby. Enjoy broadcasting, history, traditional culture.

Osaka Castle Music Hall

Outdoor music hall which can accommodate about 3,000 people in full of greenery Osaka castle park.

Gourmet・Music Ship Himawari(OAP Port Stop)

Crusing at water metropolis Osaka while having Imperial Hotel's lunch or dinner.

Tsurumi Ryokuchi Swimming Pool

Ecology power generation makes heated swimming pool. There is tropical atmosphere with dome-shaped, and full of glass. There is outdoor swimming pool zone during the summer.

Nakahama Seseragi no Sato

There is Suikinkutsu(water harp cave) that you can enjoy the sound of water and a display of a brick sewer pipe from the Meiji period. About 3,000 cherry trees are lined wonderfully.

Morishige Doll Shop, Uchi Kyuhoji Shop

This is one of Osaka's leading doll shops of long standing, where doll coordinator Heian Shunpo produces original brands of dolls.

Golden Wasen - Osaka Castle Gozabune

Board a ship and get a close look at the stone walls through the transition of seasons!!

Yamamoto Noh Theater

The oldest Noh Theater in Osaka, which reached 80 years anniversary in 2008.

Osaka Karaki Sashimono (joinery)

Karaki sashimono, or joinery using foreign wood, is one of Osaka's traditional crafts. Pieces are hand-built using traditional techniques and methods, without the use of nails or screws.

Mitsui Outlet Park Osaka Tsurumi

The mall is lined with popular brand-name stores selling women's, men's and kid's wear, sports equipment and outdoor gear.


Varieties of stores from fashion to gourmet food welcome customers.

Temmeikan Doll Store Kogetsusaku Main store

This store sells products for every season, from hina dolls in Jan-Feb to Christmas goods in Oct-Dec.

Morishige Doll shop, Matsuyamachi Main shop

Established over 70 years ago, this old doll shop is an authentic Osakan establishment.

Tenshukaku Museum Shop / Tenka toitsu

"Tenkatoitsu" is a sake named after the great achievement of warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi who united Japan.

Aqua-Bus Aqua-Liner and Aqua Mini

The Osaka Castle-Dotombori Course has been newly added to the lineup of aqua-bus Aqua-Liner river cruises, for a limited period.

Osaka Castle Nishinomaru Garden

A lush garden offering a view of the castle tower across the moat. In spring, some 600 cherry trees in full bloom attract many viewers.

Osaka Castle Park

The park includes Osaka Castle Tower (Osaka Castle Museum), the Nishinomaru Garden, an ume (plum) orchard, the Osaka-jo Hall, and a Japanese archery ground. Seasonal flowers, such as ume, cherry blossoms, and azaleas, can be observed.