Osaka has many off-the-beaten-path sights that allow you to experience the city like a local. World-renowned 'starchitect' Tadao Ando was born and continues to be based right here in Osaka-born. You can trace Ando's prolific career from The Church of Light(Japanese) in Ibaraki, to the Glass Block Wall House and the recent addition of the Green Wall in Umeda. Or, discover the beauty of Kishiwada Castle and its accompanying garden, brought to life by the brilliant designer Mirei Shigemori.
For a different view of Osaka go back in time with a visit to the Osaka Museum of Housing and Living, where an entire section of Naniwa, or Osaka as it was once known, is reproduced from the Edo era. When it's time for a bite to eat, treat yourself at Gokan(Japanese), a famous patisserie modelled on an English tea room. And at the end of the day, soothe tired feet by indulging in a quintessentially Japanese pastime: a hot bath. Spa World is a veritable emporium of bathing that will keep you entertained for hours.

Minami Kawachi

In the southwest of Osaka lies the Mina...


Welcome to a village as beautiful as a picture book.

Hozenji Yokocho

An area located in the busy district of Minami, but still retaining the tranquil Naniwa atmosphere. Within Yokocho are long-standing Japanese restaurants, bars, okonomi-yaki (Japanese pancake) restaurants and kushi-katsu (skewered and fried meats and vegetables) restaurants.

Kishiwada Castle

A castle built by Takaie Nigita, related to Masashige Kusunoki, and fundamentally reconstructed by Hidemasa Koide, uncle of Hideyoshi.

Osaka Museum of Housing and Living

A section of the townscape of Osaka in the late Edo Period is recreated to perfection. There are also exhibits and introductions of the townscapes and housing of the Meiji, Taisho and Showa periods.

Osaka Prefecture Chikatsu Asuka Museum

A museum presenting kofun, Japan's ancient burial mounds, built on the Chikatsu Asuka Fudoki-No-Oka. Visitors can learn about the origins of the ancient Japanese empire, and international influence on early Japan.

Sayamaike Museum

Unique museum introducing Japan's oldest dam-type reservoir and the history of civil engineering and flood control works.

See a whale shark at Tempozan

Say hello to a whale shark at this waterside resort area.