Iwafune shrine(Katano city)

Iwafune shrine(Katano city)

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Shrine in the northern part of Osaka and it's located in the upstream of Amano River that flows from the north to south in Katano.
The object of worship enshrined here is a huge rock "Amenoiwafune" that is 12m high and 12m wide.
According to the legend,a boat became a stone and was deified when Nigihayahi(referred to deity of Mononobe Mr. Mononobe ) had descended on this land from Takaamahara.
Also it is said that Kato Kiyomasa had tried to carry this huge rock when Osaka Castle was built but he couldn't and he engraved
"Kato Higonokami Kiyomasa" on the rock.
The huge rock beside the sacred object facing the Milky Way direction and that has been craved Buddha statues of the four bodies.( Dainichinyorai, Kannonbosatsu, Jizobosatsu and Seishibosatsu)
There is a place which is know as Sinto and sword training since ancient times, and there is a tour that you are able to fall within the hewn spread under the huge rock.
Visitors also can experience this tour.

ADDRESS 〒576-0033 19-1 9 cho-me, Kisaichi, Katano City, Osaka
TRANSPORTATION Get off at Keihan Katano line Kisaichi station and take a Keihan bus to Iwafune jinjya mae and take a Kintetsu train, get off at Ikoma station, take a Nara kotsu bus for Kitatahara and get off at the final destanation Kitatahara station and 10 minutes walk.
ADMISSION FEE Inquiry needed for the cave tour
INQUIRIES TEL : 072-891-2125