One round trip is approx. 21.7km, taking about 40 minutes. Osaka Loop Line is literally a loop. It is indispensable in the life of Osaka citizens. It runs to lots of different places in the city, so the scenery has various aspects. Some scenery is urban, while others are traditional downtown. We guarantee you can enjoy it just by looking out of the window. We focus on the Osaka Loop Line, and stop at each station. We introduce their features as well as exploring sights to see and enjoy. The first leg is from Osaka station to Teradacho station. All aboard!

Changing greatly, the front door of Osaka

 Needless to say, Osaka station is the front door of Osaka. The platform is always crowded with travelers. A development project is in progress at Osaka station now. It will be reborn as Osaka Station City in 2011. When it is completed, it will be a big tourist spot gathering together various entertainment facilities including a department store as well as the station and offices. It is the focus of great expectations from various directions.

 Osaka Loop Line is operated in two directions starting at Osaka station, one running clockwise on the “outer track (via Tsuruhashi)” and the other running counterclockwise on the “inner track (via Nishi-Kujo station)”. This month, we are heading for Tennoji station on the outer track.

Direct access to Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Street,
the longest shopping street in Japan

 Above all, the charm of Temma station is direct access to “Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Street” from Tenjinbashi to Tenjinbashisuji 7 chome to the north, 2.6km in length, known as the longest shopping street in Japan. It is a standard tourist route to go south from Temma station and head for Osaka Temmangu Shrine. You will see lots of tourists with a camera, both domestic and international. In particular, a popular photo spot is the “Welcome Dolls”, decorating the arcade of Tenjinbashi 2 chome. The motif from a doll decoration for Funatogyo (Boat Procession) of Tenjin Festival. Everybody is impressed when taking photographs.

Literally colored by Sakura (cherry blossoms) in spring

 Sakuranomiya station, as you may guess from the name, is famous for its cherry blossoms. Cherry trees will welcome you when you go from the west exit of the station. The whole neighborhood is colored pink in the cherry blossom season, swarming with vast crowds.

 It is like a dream to appreciate the cherry blossoms while feeling the breeze from Okawa River. Do visit there in that special season.

A busy station where people gather and
enjoy the atmosphere

 Kyobashi station is proud of its vigor as a hub station where Keihan Electric Railway, JR Tozai Line and Osaka Municipal Subway come together. Kyobashi station is famous for its eatery street on the side of Higashi Shopping Street. People drop by on the way from work to quench their thirst of the day and heal their fatigue in the evening. OBP (Osaka Business Park), a leading business town of Osaka is within walking distance. It is a unique arrangement of a commercial area filled with human life and the top of the line business town side by side. We would like you to enjoy both faces of day and night.

For details:

Go to Osaka Castle Hall from this station

 This Osakajokoen station is actually on the ground level, the only one on this Loop Line. Once there was an arsenal nearby, and looking directly into the works was discouraged. Anyway, mural tiles titled “Osaka Picture Story” decorated on the concourse ceiling attracts your attention at the station exit. This is accompanied by a poem written by an author late Ryotaro Shiba, celebrating the opening of the station. You can understand the history of Osaka at a glance.


“Osaka Castle Hall” appears when you walk along the way after leaving the station. The neighborhood is packed with crowds when there is a concert or event.

The landing stage for the water-bus (Aqua Liner) to experience the charm of Aqua Metropolis Osaka is very close to the station. We recommend you to extend your trip for a reasonable fare.

For details:

Relaxed, and a leisurely walk to Osaka Castle Park

 ”Osaka Castle Park” is next to Morinomiya station. There are water fountains and a jogging course, and you can see the castle keep of “Osaka Castle” beyond. It is surely an oasis of the city with its rich green scenery. The relaxed ambience attracts many visitors on holidays.

Popular residential area attracting tasteful stores

 Tamatsukuri station neighborhood is a popular area called “Uemachi Daichi”. There are lots of condominiums. Also the area is dotted with stylish cafes. Especially “Guest House Yuen” built with a café bar is unique. It is crowded with backpackers from around the world since accommodation is available in a refined building, renovated printing house and townhouse, at reasonable cost. Furthermore, “Sanko Shrine” is in 10 minute walk from the station. It is affiliated with Yukimura Sanada and there is a bronze statue in the premises. It is a little far to go, but a place to visit if you like history.

Brimming with Asian Power with grilled meat, Kimchee

 Energetic scenery lined with food shops including Kimchee spreads out when you get off at Tsuruhashi station. They give you a discount or samples. Stores here still keep the charm of disappearing face-to-face sales.

You may want to take an energetic stroll, not to be outdone by the lively old folks around here.

For details:

Please enjoy shopping at a traditional shopping street

 Children are running through the shopping street lined with distinctive traditional coffeehouse, used book store, penny candy shop, etc….. Momodani station neighborhood strongly retains the charming Osaka scenery of the good old days. The owner of “Wanaka Oiri Makotoya”, a takoyaki (dumpling with octopus) shop, says he is one of those drawn by such charm.

 This neighborhood is really for townsfolk and prices are low. It is a town of warm heart, strongly imbued in the Osaka atmosphere. Customers will support you to the end once they become your fans. We still have “Jarinko kids”, only a few nowadays, who come to buy Takoyaki with their pocket money. I want to keep working until those kids grow up to bring their own children. I want you to try Salt Takoyaki, specialty of Makotoya when you visit Momodani!

A little known place with lots of hidden great shops

 Teradacho station neighborhood still retains its traditional atmosphere. The station building has an air of distinction. Many people use this station to avoid the crowd in Tennoji station, so there are lots of eateries in front of the station. The trendy ramen shop “Menya Wasshoi” is also right after you get out of the station.
This “Wasshoi” was opened by the owner who had been always training to have a shop to please customers. I chose the site in front of Teradacho station because I wanted a place with lots of gourmet old folks. I really hit the bull’s eye (laugh). Local customers support it strictly and tenderly. The photo shows “All Big Serve”, and we have other various menus ready. If you are a proud gourmand, “All Big Serve” is recommended. The total weight is about 2.2kg, welcoming you with brimming volume! For details: (Japanese Only)

Next, introducing the leg from Tennoji station to
Fukushima station!

 How was it? This “journey around the entire Osaka Loop Line”. We think there are lots of discoveries even for local residents who use the Osaka Loop Line every day. This is only half of it. We will show you the leg from Tennoji station to Fukushima station via Nishi-Kujo station. More fun is yet to come!


 Once there was music played at the platform of each station on Osaka Loop Line to announce the departure of trains. Many may not know it, but it was a very impressive tune, once you heard it, you wouldn’t forget it. However, this departure tune was terminated in 2003. Surprisingly it was because people would tend to dash into the train when they heard the tune’s buoyant tempo. It led to delay and accidents, so it was discontinued even though many missed it.
By the way, the music to announce that the train is approaching is still played now. This “come close” tune also has a depth, so please pay attention to hear it when you get on the Osaka Loop Line next time.

We have a special feature on the Osaka Loop Line this month. How was it? Weren’t there lots of things that even Osaka residents who usually use it may not be aware of? We hope other readers become interested in short trips by train. I was surprised at the various aspects of the Osaka Loop Line myself when I gathered materials this time. The stylish places area is really stylish, while the deep places are deep to the end. Truly there are as many points to see as the number of stations. Next month will continue to feature the Osaka Loop Line, introducing the leg from Tennoji station to Fukushima station. We are planning to deliver you information that only connoisseurs have. Please count on us!