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Matsusaka Beef BBQ

AMatsusaka Beef BBQ "M" Hozenji Yokocho

You can enjoy farm-fresh Matsusaka beef at Namba.

Osaka Takoyaki Museum

BOsaka Takoyaki Museum

of the famous takoyaki shops recommended by the people of Osaka...>>

Naniwa Kuishinbo yokocho

CNaniwa Kuishinbo yokocho

A food theme park where Osaka’s finest gourmet restaurants with a long history...>>

Okonomiyaki Restaurant Chibo

DOkonomiyaki Restaurant Chibo

Famous restaurant for okonomiyaki (savory pancakes), Osaka’s soul food.

Dotombori Imai

EDotombori Imai

5 minutes walk from Ebisu bashi. Stands quietly facing the busy street. >>

Kushi-no-bo Osaka Hozenji Honten

FKushi-no-bo Osaka Hozenji Honten

30 skewers are picked from 100 kinds of food materials and deep fried to be...>>

Okonomiyakiya “Kiji”

GOkonomiyakiya “Kiji”

Opens in the “Takimi-koji” restaurant mall at the basement of Umeda Sky Building. >>

Janjan Yokocho Alley

HJanjan Yokocho Alley

Slowly changing from its original appearance. Used to have Japanese...>>

Kamukura Sennichimae

IKamukura Sennichimae

One of the finest in the Kansai area. A popular ramen is noodles in a...>>

Fresh Seafood and Vegetable Japanese Restaurant “Takaoka”

JFresh Seafood and Vegetable Japanese Restaurant “Takaoka”

Stands at the left on the street heading for Isshinji Temple from Tennoji station. >>